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"ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?"(Mt.16v3)


29 March 2022 - As we view with horror the ghastly demonstration of Russian expansionism & cruelty in Ukraine, we must take note of coetaneous events in the Middle East. 'The Abraham Accords', which were brokered by USA under president Donald Trump, have been vindicated by the first  'Negev Summit' between Israel, USA, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE & Morocco. See 13 August 2020 below. The contrast between the belligerence shown by Russian president Vladimir Putin, and the peace process forged between former adversaries, is stark. And this is what we are to expect at 'the time of the end'. We often see the parallel development of what will become the two opposing armies at "Armageddon" (see previous comments). This phenomenon began in 1917, which year itself saw the fulfilment of Bible prophecy - see 'Bible' - p.2.


25 February 2022 - Russian president Vladimir Putin, as predicted in Bible prophecy (see many previous comments on this page), has resumed his march westward, by a comprehensive and brutal invasion of the heartland of Ukraine, including Kyiv, the capital city. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has severed diplomatic relations with Moscow, declared martial law, and called on all able-bodied Ukrainians to defend the democracy. New harsher sanctions against Russia will be implemented by the Western powers, but their force will be diminished by trade support coming from China. This is in line with the mutual support expressed by the Russian & Chinese leaders only recently. The Ukrainian president warned of "a new iron curtain" rolling across Europe. This will, according to Bible prophecy, result in the ultimate capitulation of all  Eastern & Western Europe, and the forging of an anti-Israel Russian-Catholic-European confederacy, which will attack the Holy Land. Russia will head the military power, while the "man of sin" in Rome will provide the corrupted spiritual "justification" for this invasion, which will result in "Armageddon". If the Lord wills it, we will comment further as the situation develops.


23 November 2021 - It is all so predictable - in fact it has been like this for a very long time. The Bible has told us what to expect of Russia in these "last days". Here is what we quoted (1 October 2016) from John Thomas, who wrote in 1850 ('Elpis Israel') - "When Russia makes its grand move for the building-up of its Image-empire then let the reader know that the end of all things, as at present constituted, is at hand". The world is asleep - it has been distracted by many things. Some are by design, as Russian president Vladimir Putin orchestrates his surrogates in Republika Srpska, currently part of Bosnia-Herzegovina but pushing for succession, and in Belarus, by the migrant standoff at the Belarusian-Polish border. His Chinese ally has provided further distraction by threatening comments & actions against Taiwan, which Beijing regards as "a renegade province".


Other opportunities, such as the coronavirus (covid-19) now in a "fourth wave" decimating Europe, and US president Joe Biden's preoccupation with his extreme domestic agenda, have come at the same time. And the Russian dictator is taking full advantage of them to advance his plans for world domination. People seem to forget that he has already begun to fulfil what has been predicted of a Russian "czar" for over 2500 years. He has in effect annexed parts of Georgia, and taken back Crimea & parts of Eastern Ukraine. Now he is massing a huge complement of Russian attack forces on the Ukrainian border, which country has been denied the protection of NATO because of the fear of Western leaders. Be prepared for an imminent invasion, which may be within weeks or months. Vladimir Putin is meticulously following the advice of his mentor Peter the Great (see previous comments) i.e. to unsettle & confuse Russia's opponents. Will you at least investigate the truth which alone can save before it is too late? Apostate religions, as prophesied, have indoctrinated their followers with lies for centuries, beginning not long after the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven - link here to see how this came about.


16 September 2021 - Since the beginning of this page nearly 14 years ago, readers will have noted our Biblical view that there are two main tracks leading to "Armageddon". One is the emergence of the Russian-Catholic-European continental confederacy destined to attack Israel. The other is the welding together of the opposing maritime powers led by Gt Britain & USA. Today we have seen a breathtaking & giant leap forward in this latter direction, by the joint televised appearance of the US president & the UK & Australian prime ministers to announce the formation of AUKUS.


This is an acronym for the joint Australia-UK-USA defence alliance, now updated to cater for the transfer of nuclear capability to Australia. Initially this will be with the building of nuclear-powered submarines in Adelaide. This follows shortly after a recent visit by Australian ministers to several friendly countries, including India, to further defence & trade agreements. We suggest you read the 1 February 2018 news item below, which highlighted the parts that India, Gt Britain & Israel will play at "the time of the end". And on several occasions we have highlighted the closer ties being cemented between Israel & Arab nations & maritime powers, which are fulfilling many Biblical prophecies. Time is fast running out, & only sound doctrine can enlighten you to the requirements of God necessary for salvation.


16 August 2021 - The sudden catastrophic capitulation of the Western-backed Afghanistan Government to jihadist Taliban forces has shocked political observers & the whole world. It was however inevitable, following the naïve public announcement by the US Administration of a precipitate wholesale withdrawal. Many years ago we predicted "the incapacity of Western nations to stem the chaos" in both Afghanistan & Pakistan. Also that such upheavals are only a prelude to "the absorption of these two countries into the Russian-Catholic-European confederacy that is predicted to invade Israel" (see 'archive'). Russia has learnt by its own disastrous intervention in Afghanistan, and will quickly cement relations with the new rulers.


29 June 2021 - On his recent overseas trip, US president Joe Biden told the Europeans "America is back". But watchers of Bible prophecy, and even intelligent readers of world events, know full well that Europe is slipping away. This inevitable process can only have been facilitated by a subsequent meeting between Joe Biden & Russian president Vladimir Putin. In return for his gift of the Russian natural gas pipeline (see news item below) the US leader received nothing of substance. The value to Vladimir Putin of a one-on-one meeting with the nominal leader of the "free world" was two-fold. Firstly, there was the photo-op of being on the world stage again after spending years under sanction. And secondly, of equal or even more importance, was the opportunity afforded Vladimir Putin to size up his opponent first-hand. We suspect that he saw no reason to delay his plans for hegemony over Europe, & will therefore act accordingly. Watch this page as these events unfold.


24 May 2021 - We are now well into the 10-year final period which seems to have begun in 2017, of which we have written in 'the time of the end'. And so as these years progress up to "Armageddon", we should expect the number of crises to increase. An example is what we have just witnessed, i.e. large-scale hostilities between Israel & Hamas. Funded by their backer Iran, Hamas has indiscriminately poured missiles into Israel, simply wanting to kill as many Jews as possible. It is sadly ironic, but reminiscent of past atrocities, that the world instead sharply criticizes Israel for defending herself while trying to minimize civilian injuries & deaths in Gaza. The growing isolation of Israel riding on pro-Palestinian sentiment will continue, except  among those who back the Jewish State, up to the final events - see many previous news-items. One result of the "hero status" currently afforded Hamas among Palestinians will be to prod PA president Mahmoud Abbas into joining 'The Abraham Accords' and/or a peace deal with Israel - see previous comments.


Meanwhile, soon after stopping the vital local Keystone XL pipeline, the US Administration has handed a present to Vladimir Putin (Russian president) by waiving previous sanctions on the Nord  Stream 2 pipeline. This will now deliver a vast quantity of natural gas from Russia into Germany. It is another "trojan horse", rivalling in strategic importance the Russian Kaliningrad Baltic enclave military build-up (see 1 & 21 November 2018 news item). Prophesied ties between these two countries (see previous comments) will now grow even stronger, cheered on by the 'Putinversteher' ('Putin understanders'). The Russian president has cemented his position in power, with recent long-term re-election, plus the nullification of opposition leader Alexei Navalny (recently poisoned & now in prison) and his party movement. A Russian-Catholic-European confederacy will soon attack Israel, as stated many times previously. But we must be found to be on the Lord's side to share in His salvation.


13 April 2021 - President Vladimir Putin has signed into law the recent changes to the Russian Constitution (see 13 August 2020 news item). He has thus cemented his ability (humanly speaking) to stay in power until 2036, although we believe that his reign will end abruptly well before then. He is also testing the new US Administration by stirring up flash-points in Eastern Ukraine (as documented previously, see 24 April & 6 September 2014). The US Administration relentlessly pursues its extreme agenda of social change, while thousands of undocumented aliens flood over the southern border. Meanwhile the Russian czar coldly & methodically follows the advice of his mentor Peter the Great (see January 2015 news item) by provoking & unsettling his opponents. Knowing that the Chinese "have his back" in the Pacific, his eyes are firmly fixed on Europe as the great prize, & the gateway to the Middle East. See the 9 July 2016 news item on his cultivation of the European 'Putinversteher' ('Putin understanders'). Without Gt Britain, Europe will soon become subject to Russian tyranny. And who will make the precious time to secure their own salvation?


8 November 2020 - As Democratic candidate Joe Biden prepares to take the reins of power in Washington, the stage is now set for 'Armageddon". The implacable divide between the Clinton/Biden world view & Russian president Vladimir Putin could not be more stark. Here is what Joe Biden stated nearly one year ago: "Vladimir Putin knows I know him, and he knows me. And the fact is that this is what is needed on day one. We're in trouble. We're in trouble. This President is shredding our alliances. This President is yielding to Putin in ways that are obsequious". And among the effusive greetings from many world leaders, there was one notable exception - Vladimir Putin. We have written extensively on his plans for world domination - see news articles below & in 'archive'. There is very little time left for you to find the Truth, and to follow it wherever it may lead. We urge you to start your search today here.    


13 August 2020 - Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have established full diplomatic relations. This is the third peace treaty made with Arab nations, following on from Egypt in 1979 & Jordan in 1994. It is the first with a Gulf State, and it will not be the last*. As part of this agreement, Israel has promised to defer planned sovereignty over sections of the West Bank. We have written copiously on this subject based upon Bible prophecy over many years - see earlier articles. At the same time, we see Israel's future national adversary preparing for "Armageddon" with military might & a personal agenda - see below. We have documented elsewhere a previous example from 1917 of such a concurrent advance in Bible prophecy.

*later - Bahrain, Sudan & Morocco have also now joined in what is termed 'The Abraham Accords' - for the real reason why this Jewish patriarch is so famous, link here.


13 August 2020 - Russian president Vladimir Putin has just run a choreographed validation of his already-enacted changes to the Russian Constitution. The one of greatest personal interest to the Russian leader is an extension to the electoral laws. These now enable him to occupy his present position via a further two terms until 2036. This has the potential to bring him well into the time-frame prophesied in "the time of the end" (Daniel 11v40). See a full exposition here. There are many previous news items below on the history of the Russian president & Biblical prophecy. His long-term plans for increased Russian expansion are being greatly boosted by current events, including the decimating effects of coronavirus (covid-19) on Western Europe.


1 February 2020 - At 11PM on 31 January, the UK officially left the EU. Red white & blue lit up in a multi-coloured flashing display over No. 10 Downing St. It was a long time (by human reckoning) in coming, but it was inevitable according to Bible prophecy. We have written copiously on this over many years. Prime minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation, and here are several of his comments: "For many people this is an astonishing moment of hope….This is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act in our great national drama". Supporters partied under the auspices of Nigel Farage, the "father of the Brexiteers", in Parliament Square. Now Gt Britain will take her designated place in the unfolding drama leading to "Armageddon". There is much more on "Brexit" below. And remember that salvation in that Day will be only to those who now seek & accept Bible Truth.


12 December 2019 - At the annual bi-partisan gathering in the White House held to mark the Jewish feast of Hanukkah, US president Donald Trump has signed an executive order which includes discrimination against Jews as a violation of law. This will greatly assist in fighting anti-Semitism on college campuses & elsewhere. The order released Wednesday evening interprets Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 -- which "prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in programs and activities receiving Federal financial assistance" - as protecting from anti-Semitism.


The Department of Education can withhold federal funding from any college or educational program that violates Title VI, according to the Civil Rights Act. This will crack down on growing anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish movements on college and university campuses which recently have been becoming much more militant. Muslim, Hindu and Sikh students are also protected from discrimination under Title VI based on their shared ancestry or ethnic characteristics.


This latest action adds to the pro-Israel stance of the Trump Administration, coming as it does after the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel & the re-location of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. There has also been the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the bestowing of legitimacy upon Jewish settlements on the West Bank. This latest development is yet another illustration of how the nations will line up at the time of "Armageddon" - see previous  articles on this page for more details. And there will be more on peace plans with the Palestinians very soon, as their more moderate faction comes to accept the new Middle East reality - see news items below.


12 December 2019 - Boris Johnson & the Conservative party have won today's general election with the rallying cry - "let's get Brexit done". They have been given a huge majority, & Great Britain will now at last fulfil Bible prophecy and leave the EU.

25 July 2019 - 'Brexit' has received a much-needed boost with the appointment of Boris Johnson as prime minister of Great Britain. As we have stated time & again on this page, Bible prophecy demands that Gt Britain must leave the EU. She will oppose the Catholic European armies led by Russia when they invade Israel at "the time of the end". With the Persian Gulf & Strait of Hormuz crisis brought on by Iranian militancy, & the consequent boost to US and British naval strength in response, we can be sure that the Lord's return is imminent. We are wise indeed if we search today for the truth which can save.


1 June 2019 - Rapidly moving events in the Middle East show clearly that the final crisis is near. Iranian aggression, demonstrated by recent attacks on oil tankers in the UAE, & the drone strikes on Saudi Arabian oil pipe lines, has sparked an urgent meeting in Mecca of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and Arab States. It is a complicated situation, which we cannot hope to outline fully here, but we are prepared to briefly answer any questions you may have (see below). King Salman of Saudi Arabia has convened this meeting to counter the threat from Iran, & its promotion of increasing instability in the region (see previous news-items below). It is notable that the Qatari Prime Minister was present, indicating a recognition that a united front must be achieved. Qatar has been under a blockade by 4 GCC members for the past few years, which ironically has forced it to depend on Iran for air traffic. Other events in the area include a new Israeli election scheduled for September. This will cause some delay in the Middle East peace process underwritten by the USA, which is currently building up its forces in the Gulf. The time periods & the opportunities for salvation are both running out, and you should study urgently the wondrous promises of God which offer salvation.


1 & 21 November 2018 - In October, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Oman, a gulf state which rarely makes the headlines. PM Netanyahu met with the leader of Oman, Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, and their discussions centred around the imminent Israeli-Palestinian peace process, of which we have written previously. Another visitor to Oman in recent days has been the Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, with the same purpose. There will soon be further developments in the little time left before the end of this present world order, and we will document them on this page.


Meanwhile, Russia continues a policy of world-wide confrontation with the Western powers. A significant development over recent times has been the massive build-up of Russian forces and capability in Kaliningrad, the strategic Baltic territory which was occupied by the Kremlin at the end of World War 2. Multiple bunkers are now in place, and they evidently house nuclear-capable missiles. The seaport (at Primorsk) & airbase (at Chkalovsk) have been upgraded. The modern weapons capabilities stationed in Kaliningrad, including anti-ship missiles, radar systems and surface-to-air missiles, are obviously meant to deter and intimidate the members of the NATO alliance, and their ability to operate freely in the area.


The instability in Europe can only increase, augmented by extreme right-wing agendas, and the announced departure of German chancellor Angela Merkel. The 'Putinversteher' (literally 'Putin understanders') will be in high feather, knowing that their time is coming very soon. The connection between a modern-day Russian czar & Germany was prophesied over 2500 years ago in Ezekiel 38v2 and set out in 'Elpis Israel'. See excerpts from this book concerning Russia below (1 October 2016) & Israel's return here. In a recent opinion piece, the 'Washington Examiner' sounded a warning that Russian operations in Kaliningrad may well prefigure real invasion plans. This article also highlighted the relative impotence of the Western Alliance, and advised the increase of NATO forces in Poland & the Baltic States. Perhaps Kaliningrad will yet be revealed as a modern-day "trojan horse", disgorging its troops into the heart of Europe. And the time is near when a Russian/Catholic/European alliance will attack the Holy Land.


17 July 2018 - What a week it was. After castigating the Europeans for their miserly defence contributions to NATO, US president Donald Trump travelled to Helsinki in Finland to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin. And the spectacle was riveting. The deference paid to the Russian leader was breathtaking, and this has laid the groundwork for Kremlin hegemonic plans to  be  accelerated. Ironically, President Trump correctly stated that by accepting oil via a pipeline from the East, Germany will be "captive to Russia". Yet the subsequent summit with the Russian leader can only hasten such dependency, which is predicted in Bible prophecy. A developing US-EU trade war is also contributing to the break-up of defence arrangements which have been in place since WW2. Concerning German-Russian relations, refer to the 9 July 2016 news item below. Very soon, all of Europe will come under the sway of a modern-day Russian dictatorship, which will be underwritten by the apostacy centred in Rome. Anti-Israel sentiment is rising once again in Europe, and this will fuel the fires of "Armageddon". Be wise, and seek earnestly for the way of life while there is yet the time to do so.


9 May 2018 - US president Donald Trump has pulled his country out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, which was a fatally flawed attempt to prevent the Teheran regime from obtaining nuclear weapons. A recent expose by Israel, based upon extensive records hidden by Iran, demonstrates the duplicity of that regime in secretly pursuing its aims in spite of the Deal. The two things which Bible students will take out of these developments are - firstly, a cleavage has now emerged between USA & her European allies...and secondly, the Middle East situation will now rapidly deteriorate even further. Readers of this page will note that these two items have been underlined time and time again. Russian president Vladimir Putin has once again walked on the red carpet in the Kremlin, and will be savouring his latest electoral triumph & these developments. A Russian Czar will be at the head of a Russian/Catholic/European confederacy (plus other enemies of Israel, including Iran - see previous news items)  which will soon invade the Holy Land. The only question is - will we be ready for the great & terrible Day of "Armageddon"? Only a faithful adherence to the Truth in its purity will suffice.


26 March 2018 - The cleavage between the more moderate Palestinian Authority & Hamas (in Gaza) continues to grow, and the recent optimistic reconciliation between them is now a distant memory. Hamas is busy re-structuring its ties with Iran, Hezbollah & the Syrian regime, and will continue to be a thorn in the side of peace efforts led by US president Donald Trump. However as we have previously predicted, the plan for peace, yet to be unveiled, will soon become a reality, & will include an agreement over Jerusalem. We are now very near the time when a Russian/Catholic/European alliance will invade the Jewish State. It is at this time that the Lord Jesus Christ will be revealed as the Messiah. This Divine intervention will usher in a new era, designated in Scripture as "the Lord's day" - also see previous news items. 


1 February 2018 - Recent increasing co-operation between Israel and India is uplifting the spirits of Bible students as they see prophecy fulfilling before their eyes. In 1849 John Thomas wrote of this in 'Elpis Israel'. He identified the two countries called 'Tarshish' in the Bible as Britain & India. Both will be associated with Israel at the time of "Armageddon" (Ezekiel 38). The recent reciprocal visits of the Israeli & the Indian prime ministers to each others' countries underscore these expectations. Gt Britain has long been fulfilling her part in prophecy - see 'Elpis Israel' quoted in 'Bible' - p.2. The Lord is about to return, and salvation is promised only to those who find the Truth and are faithful.


7 December 2017 - "It is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel". With these historic words, US president Donald Trump has finally formalized a long-held US position. The US Embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to the Holy City. And although initial reaction from many will be negative, in the longer term the peace process between Israel & the Palestinians will be given a new impetus. Recently, the Arab League condemned Iran for pursuing hegemony in the Middle-East, and her aim of establishing a bridge of influence from Teheran to Beirut. They also condemned Iran's proxy, the Lebanese Hezbollah, as a "terrorist organization". Meanwhile, recent co-operation between Saudi Arabia & Israel against their common foe will continue. The time of "Armageddon" rapidly approaches. "Jerusalem" will yet be "a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces" - Zechariah 12v3. In the linked page you can read about the "birth-pangs" of Israel, which appear to have begun with the Palestinian rage over Jerusalem & the recent unrest over the al-Aqsa Mosque. And increasing anti-semitism in Europe will fuel preparations by a Russian/Catholic/European confederacy for a future attack against Israel. See previous comments on all of the above below. We are wise if we disregard numbers & traditions, and seek earnestly for the Truth without delay...the basic essential doctrines are set out here.


4 November 2017 - During this past week, two very different events have captured the attention of Bible students who are looking for the return of Jesus Christ. In Israel and Gt Britain there were commemorations of the liberation of Beersheba and Jerusalem and the signing of the 'Balfour Declaration', both of which took place 100 years ago in 1917, thus fulfilling ancient Biblical prophecies - link to Bible - p.2. Meanwhile, in  Teheran, Russian president Vladimir Putin was attending trilateral talks with Iran and Azerbaijan, and celebrating the collaboration between Russia and Iran in Syria. It is significant that also 100 years ago in 1917 the Russian Bolshevik revolution took place, which has resulted in modern Russia. These two  recent events 100 years later in 2017 have demonstrated the two alliances which will, in the very near future, come into collision in the Holy Land (see news-items below). The only safety in that Day will be a faithful adherence now to the Truth in its purity, the promotion of which is the purpose of this web-site - see 'a summary of our position'.


9 September 2017 - A recent documentary has highlighted the strange dichotomy of present-day Russia. On the one hand, Russian president Vladimir Putin has succeeded in carrying the majority of the population with him on a wave of nationalistic fervour by the annexation of Crimea. And he stokes the fires of "greater Russia", which burn on the embers of the nation's disappointment at the reduction in present-day territories compared with the borders of the USSR. But side-by-side there are those who mourn the loss of the individual freedoms which they fleetingly grasped after the fall of the Soviet Union before the turn of the last century. Many who are "not of the system" have been financially ruined, because of corruption and the effects of Western sanctions imposed in response to Russia's policy of territorial expansion. And the assassinations of various journalists and political figures have only increased their collective unease. The recent murder of Boris Nemtsov, a prominent and popular opposition figure, outside of the walls of the Kremlin, has given a new impetus to this movement.


The above documentary called into question the policy of concentrating on events "outside our borders when there is so much to do at home", and wondered whether "we're burying our democracy with Nemtsov". Bible students will be well aware of the prophecies concerning Russia and Europe at "the time of the end" (see below & 'archive') , & will evaluate these events accordingly. The only real issue for us today individually is to find the Truth and to make it our own. Otherwise the understanding of prophecy will avail us nothing.


9 June 2017 - As a result of the 8 June 2017 UK election, Great Britain will move closer to other Commonwealth & like-minded nations, with whom she will unite against the Russian-Catholic-European colossus at "Armageddon". This is the real significance of the snap poll, which saw the Conservatives lose some of their parliamentary majority - which in turn will make negotiations with the EU on a range of matters much more difficult. The so-called "revenge" of recently defeated 'remain' voters (see news-items below for 24 June & 12 July 2016 on the EU referendum) will thus result in the downfall of their own purpose.


8 June 2017 - The most significant result from the recent overseas trip by US president Donald Trump, was the consolidation of Sunni Arab States in their opposition to efforts by Iran to obtain hegemony over the Middle-East. Most importantly, these events will result in a rapprochement between Israel and the Palestinians, underwritten by the Sunnis & the USA. Read our previous comments on this below dated 1 October 2016 and 6 & 7 April 2017...also see earlier news-items.


Today's terrorist attack in the heart of Teheran (Iran's capital) by Sunni IS militants, begins another chapter in the nearly 1400 year conflict between Sunni and Shia, the two implacably opposed Muslim ideologies. This conflict, similar to every other important political development throughout human history, has been under Divine control from the beginning. However, understanding these events is not enough. We must render obedience to God now.


7 April 2017 - US president Donald Trump has authorized a missile strike on a Syrian airbase, from which observers believe the recent shocking toxic chemical gas attack was launched that killed many civilians, including very young children. The airbase was extensively damaged. We wrote previously - "Syrian president Bashar al-Assad  has overseen the brutal repression of his own people", and no-one with any decency could feel regret when others use force against him & his regime. Very soon all tyrants and evil-doers will feel the wrath of the Son of God, and especially when they attack the Holy Land. "Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations" - Zechariah 14v3. The above military action puts the US and her allies firmly on the side of the Sunni majority in Syria, whereas Russia backs the Alawite (Shia) ruling minority. This divide is very important prophetically...see news-item below.


6 April 2017 - As we have stated previously below (1 October 2016), behind-the-scenes contacts between Israel and the Sunni Arab States will result in the promotion of a peace process between them, which will also involve the majority of the Palestinians. During the current visit of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi  to the White House, a plan to achieve this has been  discussed. This would involve the recognition of Israel by the Sunni States and the Palestinians, in return for an acceptable two-states solution, which would settle the current Arab-Palestinian-Israeli impasse.


Much work needs to be done, but a deal with US backing is certain. This will include an agreement on the future status of Jerusalem. Such a deal will not find favour with the Shia States (such as Iran), which will provide a pretext for the future invasion of Israel by the Russian-Catholic-European confederacy of which we have written copiously. In Russia, we now see the crack-down on all religious activity except that of Catholic (Orthodox being the state religion). This is what Rome and her cohorts have been waiting for since the dissolution of the 'Holy Roman Empire'. For some background on these important political and religious  events see the items below dated 30 March 2015 and 29 September 2015 & 'archive' - 'Europe moves closer to her final crisis at "Armageddon"'.


27 January 2017 - It was electrifying. British prime minister Theresa May delivered a speech to the Republican party in Philadelphia. She is in America for crucial talks with US president Donald Trump about trade, the world situation & other matters. Marking the "special relationship", a bust of British wartime leader Winston Churchill (absent during the Democratic administration) is once again in the White House. In her speech, the British PM invoked the past close relationship between then leaders Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan as an example to follow. And she compared the past advice of Ronald Reagan when dealing with the Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev at the time of the Soviet Union's collapse -i.e. "trust but verify" with the need, when dealing with current Russian president Vladimir Putin, to "engage but beware". Not knowing Biblical prophecy, she stated that war between Russia and the West is not inevitable. But Bible students know that such a war will occur.


This will be because Great Britain (together with USA & other countries we have listed previously) will "stand up for friends and allies" & defend "the security of Israel". But we also know, that it will be only through the intervention of Jesus Christ, that Israel will be delivered from the Russian-Catholic-European confederacy which will come upon the land of promise. In the meantime the Russian leader will "cause (priest) craft to prosper" (he has built a strong relationship with Rome & her continental offspring) - and "by peace (he) shall destroy many" (knowing that Europe is in a state of chaos, he will take full advantage of it). We offer this advice to viewers - "read but then act" before the time of opportunity ends.


9 November 2016 - Elections in the United States have resulted in a victory for the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and a party majority in the House and the Senate. This means that the march to "Armageddon" is well on track. Mr. Trump has made it plain that he does not have the same affection as many others for supporting the European alliance, or regarding Russian president Vladimir Putin as a threat to world peace. This will now usher in a period of time when the scenario laid out in prophecy will accelerate. It comes on top of the appeasement policy of the current incumbent, which has allowed Russian expansion in Ukraine and the Middle East (see comments on the "red line" below).


Readers of this page will be aware that we have laid this out in previous articles - which we advise you to read. There will be rejoicing in the Kremlin at this turn of events. And we can imagine that Vladimir Putin (who, if some are to be believed, may have contributed to these results) will celebrate by mentally moving forward the dominos of Russian hegemony in Europe. This will be preparatory to the Russian/Catholic/European attack on Israel. He knows already that he can count on the "man of sin" to support him in these endeavours.


In the meantime, there will be a closer relationship formed between USA and Gt. Britain, another development which Bible students have been anticipating in the "last days". This will be given added impetus by the recent vote of Gt. Britain to leave the EU ("Brexit") - read previous news items. And Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Donald Trump "a true friend" of his nation. The Lord Jesus Christ will soon return, and it is urgent that we seek salvation in the only way that is acceptable to Almighty God - link to 'Basic Bible Doctrines'.


1 October 2016 - The battered inhabitants of Aleppo in Syria continue to weep and bury their dead, as the warplanes of Russia and the Assad regime continue to rain destruction upon them from above, thus perpetrating unspeakable crimes against men, women, and children. Hospitals and aid convoys are brutally targeted with ghastly results. And the ultimatum of the "red line" set out by US president Barack Obama, which turned out to be simply a "throwaway line", has faded into a distant bitter memory.


The Sunni Arab States in the Middle-East view the increasing Shia advances (termed by some as a "Shiite Crescent") with great apprehension (see previous comments on the Muslim divide this page). The coming conflict of "Armageddon" will see the opposing forces split between the Russian/Catholic/European/Shia alliance on the one hand, and the Western alliance which will include USA, Great Britain, Commonwealth, Maritime & Sunni powers on the other. This apprehension is so great that behind the scenes there have been positive contacts between the Sunnis and Israel, which country also views the territorial ambitions of Iran with the greatest suspicion. Bible prophecy indicates that the same concern will also see some type of rapprochement between Israel and the Sunni Palestinians, however tenuous this might prove to be. There are also indications in prophecy that this will include some agreement on the future status of Jerusalem, although the city will never cease to be the nation's capital. Jerusalem will yet be "a burdensome stone for all people" - Zechariah 12v3.


Bible students will find the current situation of great significance. Russia has staked her claim in the region under president Vladimir Putin, and he will not deviate from the relentless pursuit of the dream of world domination set out by his mentor Peter the Great, whose picture gazes down upon him. The arrogant attitude he displays to the West, and the plaintive response from Washington and other capitals, including the UN, should make us think of what is prophesied to take place in the future. The prophet Ezekiel (ch.38v13) tells us that the Western alliance will plaintively ask - "art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey?". John Thomas, in his preface to 'Elpis Israel', wrote in 1850 - "When Russia makes its grand move for the building-up of its Image-empire then  let the reader know that the end of all things, as at present constituted, is at hand". (For John Thomas' prediction, based upon Scripture, concerning the return of Israel link here). We are wise indeed if we prepare now for that great Day while there is still the opportunity to do so.


12 July 2016 - As Theresa May prepared to take over as only the second female prime minister of Great Britain, her recent words rang like a beautiful song in the ears of Bible students: "I couldn't be clearer. 'Brexit' means 'Brexit'. And we're going to make a success of it. There will be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it by the back door, and no second referendum. The country voted to leave the European Union, and as Prime Minister I will make sure that we leave the European Union". The process of disengagement can now begin, and we can rejoice, because we know that the return of Christ and "Armageddon" are both imminent. See earlier news items concerning "Brexit" and Bible prophecy in our days.


9 July 2016 - As the signs of the return of Jesus Christ multiply at an ever-increasing rate, it is sometimes difficult for us to focus on them all at once. It is only when we are able to have before our minds the grand vision of the events leading up to the establishment of the Kingdom of God that this becomes "second nature". One such item, which has been gaining ground over recent times, but which has been "flying under the radar", is the growing outward rapprochement between Germany and Russia. We say "outward", because there has never been the same distrust that exists between most of the European states and Russia in the view of the vast majority of the German population. And since Vladimir Putin has assumed a dictatorial role in Russia, this German affection for Russia has grown apace. There are many reasons for this which we cannot list here. But the phenomenon is now surfacing at an increasing rate, and it will be given a much greater impetus by Britain's recent decision to leave the EU. See comments below concerning this long-expected and defining event.


'Defense News' for 8 July 2016 reported "The political rationale behind such moves is that increased interdependence between Russia and Germany will help lessen the threat Moscow poses". Those in Germany promoting closer relations with Russia are termed 'Putinversteher', which literally means 'Putin understanders'.


'Defense News' also reported "Former chancellor Gerhard Schröder, a close friend of the Russian leader and senior executive at an affiliate of state-owned Gazprom, has been at the forefront of this group for years. Once a minority, the Putinversteher ranks have swelled the longer the West’s standoff with Russia has gone on.


At a recent symposium on Germany-Russia relations in Berlin, Andreas Peschke, a senior German diplomat, began his presentation with a homily about the Nazis’ “assault on the Soviet Union” 75 years ago. While he stressed the necessity for “easing the tensions and dialogue,” he made no demands on Russia to reassure its neighbors. Russia’s role in the downing of a Malaysian airliner, killing 298, was left unmentioned.


The tenor of the invitation-only event, hosted by Deutsche Bank Chief Executive Jürgen Fitschen in the bank’s Berlin office, was that the West needs to do more to repair relations with Moscow. “We need to have the courage to pursue new paths,” August Henning, the former head of Germany’s foreign intelligence service, told the assembly.


The Russian leadership presented Germans with a new forum to engage in such discussions last week in Berlin. Putin confidante Vladimir Jakunin opened a new think tank called “Dialogue of Civilizations” in the German capital on Friday. Former SPD chief Matthias Platzeck was among the 120 guests at the opening ceremony. “Sometimes I have the impression that the mere mention of President Putin’s name prompts a lowering of the blinds. We should stop that because it impedes progress,” he told Russia’s RT television".


In summary, the damage to the NATO policy of buttressing its eastern flank in the Baltic states with increased "boots on the ground" is enormous. For if Germany cannot be relied on to fully endorse and support such efforts, what can be accomplished? As Russian president Valdimir Putin sits under his favourite picture of Peter the Great (see comments in an earlier article) he must be thinking that everything is going his way. With Britain now less of a hindrance, and the 'Putinversteher' working actively to undermine what resistance to Russian expansion still remains, it is evident that he is correct. And as we have stated previously:


"Europe is living in a state of false security, with NATO having lost its response capability because of an apparent end to the "cold war". The "peace and safety" so fondly imagined by pacifists will have no validity when the dream of Peter the Great of taking Constantinople becomes a reality". And "A Russian "czar" will oppose Christ at "Armageddon" & it may be Vladimir Putin". However, when returned to office by "managed democracy" in March 2012, "though he shed tears of joy, his reign will probably be short-lived. He is likely to triumph over all mortal adversaries. But if he is the Russian leader predicted to oppose Christ, his end is sure". As we see Europe, especially Germany, falling into the grasp of the Russian bear, we also see Bible prophecies being fulfilled at an ever-increasing rate. We are wise if we seek further into these vital matters now while there is yet the time to do so.

For more details, see previous articles this page - and also link to 'archive'.


24 June 2016 - "The dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom" stated Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, as it became clear that 'leave' had defeated 'remain' in the 23 June 2016 referendum on EU membership. The expectations of Bible students over the past 43 years since Gt Britain joined the "continental club" in 1973 are now about to be fulfilled. When the practical implications of this historic decision become clearer, we will have more to say. In the meantime, read the articles below which explain this fulfilment of Bible prophecy. One continental leader who will be pleased is Russian president Vladimir Putin, for his path to European supremacy is now much easier. The prophesied Moscow-Rome alliance is now imminent. We have written much also on this subject - see below.


14 June 2016 - As the date for the "Brexit" referendum on 23 June is almost here, we should add this explanation to previous comments below. Although it is of no long-term practical consequence whether 'yes' (leave) or 'no' (remain) prevails, a 'no' vote will prolong the agony of continued association with a doomed entity, which will soon be ruled by a Moscow-Rome axis of power. It is evident from prophecy that Britain must leave and oppose this colossus, which will invade Israel and be crushed by Christ and His immortalized saints. A 'yes' vote will draw the lines now, whereas a 'no' vote will only delay the inevitable, and consign Britain to a further period of political distress. The will of God will be made clear on 23 June, after which we will comment further on the on-going implications of the referendum result.


21 February 2016 - British prime minister David Cameron has returned from Brussels, with an agreement which ends the controversy of Britain's obligations to EU political integration. This agreement, the totality of which will be voted on by the British people in a referendum on 23 June 2016, is what Bible students have been waiting for since 1 January 1973, when the pact began. It is now of no consequence whether 'yes' or 'no' prevails on 23 June. Whatever happens, Britain will be gone completely prior to "Armageddon". But now we see her political exclusion from Europe, a wonderful fulfilment of prophecy, and a great encouragement to those who look for redemption in Zion. See more below & link to 'archive' for what the Bible tells us concerning Gt Britain at the time of Christ's return.


9 May 2015 - A political earthquake has shaken the UK, and returned the conservative government of prime minister David Cameron with an absolute majority. This amazing political development is of immense interest to Bible students, who are looking to the promised 2017 referendum on membership of the EU (now re-affirmed by the PM). There are around sixty "Euro-Skeptics" among his current MP's, and sentiment in the country as a whole is very doubtful about continued membership of the EU. This has been shown by the strong showing of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party). Although the electoral system did not reward the party with multiple seats in the Commons, it amassed over 4 million votes, and finished 2nd in  many constituencies. 


Great Britain must break with Europe prior to "Armageddon". when she will oppose the invasion of Israel by a Russian/Catholic/European confederacy. One EU commentator in Brussels stated that negotiations ahead of the referendum "will be a multi-level game". However the final "game" is already over, because although the Bible does not specifically deal with the results of this referendum, it clearly states that Britain does not belong with Europe for the above reasons. John Thomas wrote concerning her destiny in promoting the return of Israel to the Holy Land, stating that "the finger of God has indicated a course to be pursued by Britain which cannot be evaded", and the same can be affirmed (as he also stated) about Britain's ultimate opposition to Europe. See more background below and link to 'archive'.


January 2015 - "If you believe that the world is bigger than Europe, if you believe in an independent Britain, then come with us and we will give you back your country". There were the words of Mark Reckless, the winning UKIP candidate in the Nov 14 Rochester and Strood by-election in the UK. This is a stunning confirmation of Biblical prophecy.

May 2015 - although the UK electoral system has since limited the representation of UKIP in the Commons, this makes no difference to anti-EU sentiment across the country, as time will tell. Anti-EU sentiment runs deep across all UK political parties, and we will see the result.


Scotland's 'no' vote to independence means that all of the UK will probably vote 'yes' in the referendum to leave the European Community. Bible students look forward to this vote with anticipation. In previous articles we give the reasons why Great Britain must be independent of Europe. As we see the Russian bear tighten its grip on Catholic Europe we know that the end is near. 


28 November 2015 - Turkey has shot down a Russian warplane which strayed into her air-space  while attacking anti-Assad forces in Syria, including Turkmen in the area. Regular viewers will remember that long ago we wrote of an earlier incident with the heading 'Turkey upsets Russia and will eventually pay the price' - link here to 'archive'. Russia must yet attain to supremacy in Europe, preparatory to a combined attack against Israel (see article below).


29 September 2015 - Russian president Vladimir Putin has made his move in the Middle-East, and in the process has left the policy of the Obama Administration in tatters. We have been warning of these developments on this page for years, based upon the word of God. An axis which has existed for some time is now out in the open, and it does not include USA, the Arab Gulf States, Jordan or Israel. But it does include Russia, Iran, Iraq & Syria. (We have set out the destinies of Egypt and Turkey and Libya in previous articles). This is exactly what the Bible tells us concerning the rival powers when at "Armageddon" a confederacy of nations will invade the Middle-East and especially Israel.


We now await the takeover of Europe (not including Great Britain) by an alliance between Russia and Catholic Europe. The increasing popularity of the leader of the Roman Catholic church is an integral part of this scenario. And it is inevitable that a stronger leader will emerge in the USA who will once again make the defence of Israel a first priority, instead of an apparent irritation which the present incumbent endures. The return of Christ is now imminent, and we are wise if we prayerfully read and study 'Basic Bible Doctrines'.


11 September 2015 - Further to the news item below regarding Kremlin plans to resume sales of military equipment to Iran, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has announced that support for the Syrian regime is continuing - see 'archive'. What he did not admit is that Russian military personnel have also been sent, and AFP news agency reported the following: "Aerial imagery indicated that Russia is focusing on Bassel al-Assad International Airport, south of Latakia on Syria's Mediterranean coast, and on the Russian naval facility in Tartus". Russia, in alliance with Catholic Europe, will invade the Middle-East, and these current reports illustrate her future course which will usher in "Armageddon".


22 August 2015 - The disparaging remarks of US president Barack Obama to Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidental candidate, implying that the Republican calling Russia the greatest threat to the USA displayed a view reminiscent of out-of-date 20th Century Cold War times, have come back to haunt him. It is now clear to all that Mitt Romney was correct in his assessment, and US military chiefs have testified to Congress of the threat posed by the Kremlin. Barack Obama spoke of "more flexibility" to come after his re-election, and the bitter fruits of this attitude have been tasted in the "land-grab" by Russia of Crimea and part of Eastern Ukraine, and the adventurous pursuit of further provocation of and hegemony over Europe and beyond.


The recent "bad deal" of the West with Iran has been greeted with joy in Moscow, to which city the Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani recently travelled and met with the Russian president, despite a travel ban and UN Security Council resolutions barring him from leaving Iran. Vladimir Putin is keen to supply military equipment to Iran, which will both aid his close ally and also alleviate the effect of sanctions on the Russian economy. By the lifting of sanctions against Iran under this "bad deal", the country will enjoy the benefits of billions of dollars flooding into her treasury, which will no doubt help to fund continuing destabilisation in the Middle-East and an anti-Israel agenda. All of the above developments are in full accordance with Bible prophecy. Read more on the background to these events in earlier news items on this page.


26 June 2015 - Multi colours lit up the White House as the present incumbent celebrated the Supreme Court ruling of 4 to 3 that "same-sex marriage" is now the norm throughout the USA. This cemented the downhill moral slide of a nation which has discarded their motto as explained here - 'In God we trust' but not with "same-sex marriage" - link to 'archive'. A higher court will have the final say on this matter, and Jesus Christ will deliver the decision in the near future.


30 March 2015 - US policy in the Middle-East continues to unravel, and it demonstrates the contradictory and self-defeating situation where the country sides with Iran in Iraq (both Shia), and yet at the same time it opposes Iran in Yemen. A presidential spokesperson was until recently quoting Yemen as a success story for US diplomacy. Then came the recent precipitate withdrawal  and further confusion, the echoes of which are still reverberating.


This reportedly involved the loss of military equipment and information, & sent the administration into a tail-spin, from which it has not yet recovered. All this while negotiations proceed which are supposed to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. The recent address to the US Congress by the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (since re-elected) laid out the unpalatable facts on this "bad deal" which the US president may not have wanted to hear, and he stayed away. Iran is predicted to be with the Russian/Catholic/European confederacy which will attack Israel. And soon a new US president more friendly to Israel will attempt to rectify the current disaster (which however is no doubt necessary, so that Israel will become more isolated, as predicted in the Bible).


Meanwhile, the situation in Yemen has disintegrated into civil war. And a very heartening sign to students of Bible prophecy is that we now see the basic line-up of the Arab nations as they will take their places at the time of "Armageddon". The Sunni gulf states of UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar & Saudi Arabia (which is the main nation affected by the Shia Houthi advances) are supported in their military action by other Sunni countries such as Jordan and Egypt. And it should not have surprised anyone who read the convoluted statement from Hamas, which on the one hand is beholden to Iran for its support against Israel, but on the other hand wants to be popular with fellow-Sunnis. All of this distress will continue until Jesus Christ returns to establish the Kingdom of God. Biblical prophecies predict the current & future Middle-East divide (cp news items below).


18 March 2015 - Benjamin Netanyahu has won a stunning Israeli election victory, and it was as he claimed: "against all odds and in the face of powerful forces". Watchers of recent events can draw their own conclusions as to who the "powerful forces" were. But more importantly, we now have a situation where many nations will harden their opposition to Israel, exactly as prophecy demands. It is God's declared purpose to bring a great military and ecclesiastical confederacy against Israel, and you can read more on this below and in previous news items:


27 January 2015 - As the world marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp, on 27 January, 1945, we must ask the question "what has changed since the time when Adolf Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish race from the earth?" Anti-semites are still peddling their hatred towards the Jewish people, especially in the Middle-East and Europe. This is all according to Bible prophecy, and tells us that the Messiah's return is imminent. One thing has changed in the last 70 years, and that is the existence of the Jewish State. It will be the attack of a Russian/Catholic/European confederacy on Israel, in an attempt to implement its own "final solution", that will result in "Armageddon". Jesus Christ will then implement the Divine solution for current troubles - resulting in the Kingdom of God on earth.


January 2015 - See updates (link to 'Bible' - page 3) concerning the self-contradictory lie of "evolution".  It is not yet too late for those who have been deluded by this God-denying falsehood to see the truth of God's Creation and to act accordingly.


A recent report spoke of an increase in "Russian aerial maneuvers around Europe this week on a scale seldom seen since the end of the Cold War, prompting NATO jets to scramble". The US Army's Chief of Staff termed this worrying trend "Russian aggression". Peter the Great (whom Russian president Vladimir Putin greatly admires, see below) advised a constant unsettling of Russia's opponents, and the latter-day czar is following his mentor's advice to the letter. However, western sanctions & falling oil prices have devalued the ruble and hurt the Russian economy, and when the V.P. bear is angry, let those who are vulnerable beware. He continues to plot and scheme, while US president Barack Obama has left domestic violence behind, and jetted off to Hawaii and a favorite holiday playground golf-course. And so the world slumbers on, not knowing that the end is near.


December 2014 - the US administration has lost control of Congress, & is targeting those whom it classifies as enemies of the USA. This would be legitimate if confined to terrorism and crime, but not when ordinary people, both in USA and overseas, who are supporting families and the poor, are also being unnecessarily obstructed. The nation now looks to 2016 for a new leader. The president has played his prophetic part in greatly weakening the USA, while Vladimir Putin has rejoiced at this opportunity handed to him "on a plate".


January 2014 - Read down for the latest concerning the Ukrainian crisis and Vladimir Putin's intentions. He  has openly sent armed columns of troops into Ukraine to further his immediate aim of creating a corridor, which is meant to stretch through Eastern Ukraine and Crimea into the separatist enclave of Transnistria, a Russian outpost carved out of Moldova. And the ultimate aim of the Russian dictator is clear, i.e. hegemony over all of Europe.


See 30 April 2014 update below   concerning  the Benghazi US consulate  terrorist attack.

The documentary '13 Hours in Benghazi' (based on a new book) outlines the total disaster which resulted in the 11 September 2012 deaths of four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya.  It may be that this first-hand account of these events may yet result in the truth coming out, and where the ultimate responsibility lies. Very soon there will be no need for those in authority to try to protect their privileged positions, because they will be removed from power by the Son of God.


6 September 2014 - Vladimir Putin has secured his immediate aim of effective control over most of the Eastern part of Ukraine. He can now masquerade temporarily as a "peace-maker". His adventurous foreign policy has given him the first part of the land-bridge which he wants to extend right through to Transnistria. But although he might well be thinking "so far so good", reports are now coming through of renewed attacks on Donetsk Airport & Mariupol, a key coastal city needed by the Russian separatists as part of "New Russia". This is a concept of their sponsor in the Kremlin, who is reported to have said that the fall of the USSR was "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century". He knows that until the 2016 US election is a time of opportunity which may never come again, because the next occupant of the White House will of necessity be a stronger opponent of Russian aggression.


Meanwhile the sickening results of the Kremlin-backed rebellion in the East are poignantly brought to mind by the work of a Dutch artist based upon sunflowers retrieved from the crash-site of Malaysia Airlines MH17. Who can see such things and not weep in their hearts?


Recent Israel-Gaza conflict simply reflects militant Palestinian activity which is continuous, both locally & on the world stage. It will contribute to the forthcoming Russian-Catholic-European invasion of Israel. Regular readers will be familiar with the explanatory news items below. And renewed disagreement between Fatah and Hamas was to be expected.


The jihadist activity rife in Syria is now also in Iraq. Whatever the short-term outcome, both countries will support the future invasion of Israel. An English saying "what goes around comes around" is pre-dated by Scripture, which states "for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap". We now see Syrian president Bashar al-Assad,  who has overseen the brutal repression of his own people, confronted with what is at least an equally brutal threat against his regime in the form of  Islamic State (IS)* which has completed the take-over of the northern part of Syria.   He is now suggesting that the USA attack these enemies because of a shared threat which he seeks to use to advantage. See other news items for more on Syria and the Sunni-Shia divide. The days are near when all human scheming and evil will end. (*=ISIS/ISIL)

Coalition fulfils M-E prophecy as the Kremlin takes advantage of this distraction

As the anti-IS* coalition forms with support from moderate Arab States and Commonwealth

nations, the puppeteer in the Kremlin is pulling the strings elsewhere. We are sure that Vladimir Putin can hardly conceal his delight as he sees the US and other nations use up their substance elsewhere while he enlarges his sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. He is now well on the way to re-establishing hegemony over nearby States, preparatory to taking over the whole of Europe. (*=ISIS/ISIL)


Looking at the actual Coalition, we have previously written that such a grouping "will ineffectually oppose a Russian-led attack by Catholic European nations upon Israel".  And in Ezekiel 38v13 this coalition will say to the invader - "art thou come to take a spoil?" For this to be true, they must actually be there on the ground. This is why it is so significant that there is no way in which the US, Great Britain and other partners can permanently disengage from the area. It is certain that "Armageddon" will take place in the Holy Land as predicted.

Russia flexes military muscle after 2nd "orange revolution" as US downsizes forces

A 2nd "orange revolution" in Ukraine has displeased Russia.  The "favourite son"* of the Kremlin has been deposed &   has fled to the south-east of the country (Crimea) where the Black Sea fleet of Russia is headquartered at Sevastopol. It would have been instructive to see the expression (if any) on Russian President Vladimir Putin's face when he heard that the USA had warned "outside actors in the region" against intervening in Ukraine.

(*ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, who had lived opulently in Kiev on his country's wealth, but he has now fallen out of favour in the Kremlin, because his usefulness is ended)


He would of course remember a recent incident   in Georgia, when he faced down the West, & boldly sent his troops into two provinces of that country. The West huffed and puffed, but in the end did nothing (see news item here). The spirit of Munich is very much alive today.


Under US president Barack Obama, the nation's debt is now eighteen trillion dollars. This has resulted in recent plans to sharply down-size her military capability.  Europe is living in a state of false security,with NATO having lost its response capability because of an apparent end to the "cold war". The "peace and safety" so fondly imagined by pacifists will have no validity when the dream of Peter the Great* of taking Constantinople becomes a reality.

This must wait for the time appointed, but it is now near at hand. Bible students will be keenly watching further events as they unfold, and this page will be updated when they do.

* Vladimir Putin admires this Russian czar, who greatly enlarged the Russian territories.

The current "land grab" in Crimea appears to be "a down payment" on Peter's dream.

The prophesied Russian dictator's greed for territory & power was foretold in Habakkuk 2.

28 February 2014 - events are moving fast, as they often do in God's prophetic plan.

Armed gunmen have seized control of Government buildings and airports in Sevastopol and the Crimean capital Simferopol. Although Valdimir Putin, on a parallel track, speaks of the need for economic aid for Ukraine, a local move in Crimea to separate betrays his real agenda.

It is consistent with his long-term agenda to re-occupy territory which has been lost. And he is determined to ensure that revolution in Ukraine will not be repeated in his own country.

Yanukovich has re-appeared publicly in Russia,  and he was warmly welcomed as still being the "legitimate president" of Ukraine. These murky diplomatic waters are set to worsen.

1 March 2014 - the acting Ukrainian president has accused the Russian Federation of "open

aggression" against his country. Thousands of Russian troops have landed in Crimea, and there is a well-founded fear among Ukrainians that the province will be annexed by Russia.

Ironically Crimea was given to Ukraine by then USSR president Nikita Krushchev in 1954.

18 March 2014 -  Vladimir Putin has annexed Crimea, which has caused NATO to hastily

reinforce collective security on the Russian borders. It will not be long before the European

nations*will be incorporated militarily & spiritually into the greatest colossus that the world has ever seen#. However a future attempt to establish a 5th world empire is doomed to fail.

* Great Britain will not form part of this alliance - see news item below.

# represented by 'Nebuchadnezzar's image' in Daniel 2 - link to 'Bible' - page 2.

24 April 2014 - Russian provocateurs in Eastern Ukraine together with local diehards have done their job well by creating  well-defended enclaves, with which their mentor Vladimir Putin is no doubt very well-pleased.   He has presented the Ukrainian Government  with the proverbial gordian knot - ignore the de facto takeover  and lose sovereignty or attack the enclaves and face certain invasion and defeat by the Russian troops massed on the border.

Meanwhile US President Barack Obama and EU leaders "fiddle while Ukraine burns" & the dream of Peter the Great (see above) lives on in the Kremlin.


                        "WHEN THEY SHALL SAY, PEACE AND SAFETY;



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It is important to note that the Bible also predicts events which will take

            place within the ranks of those who are called to the Truth.

In fact prophecy as a whole has two parts, as we see in Proverbs 27v18.

They concern "the fig tree" (Israel and associated political events) and

the "master" - i.e. Jesus Christ (the household and associated ecclesial

events). The Lord expounds this verse in Matthew 24v29 to 25v46.

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