The Messages to the 7 Ecclesias-page 3


    APPLICATION 3: AD1847 to the return of Christ

          The Christadelphians in Biblical Prophecy   


   One vital point should be noted.    Because this 3rd

   application of the messages   deals with the period

   of the re-discovery of the Truth since AD1847,       it

   outlines those events     which have occurred within

   "Christadelphia".         It will therefore be of intense

   interest to all those who would be      numbered with

                 the faithful at the coming of Christ.  


    NOTE: to understand & to properly evaluate the principles and

    their application suggested hereunder,  we strongly recommend

    that you firstly familiarise yourself with applications 1 & 2 -

                        the links are at the bottom of this page.


    In many ways,these last-day periods are the most remarkable of

    them all. It is incredible to realise that the messages which Jesus

    Christ gave to the 7 Ecclesias in the Apocalypse over 1900 years

    ago are still being worked out before our very eyes today.   And it

      can initially make us feel inadequate for the task ahead.  But this

    has always been the lot of God's people,   a "permanent minority"

    during their pilgrimage.      We are encouraged by the words of the

    Apostle Paul - "If God be for us, who can be against us?".    Also,

    "there is no restraint to Yahweh to save by many or by few"...

    "God hath chosen the weak things of the world     to confound the

    things which are mighty" to the end     "that no flesh should glory

    in his presence" -       Romans 8v31;1st Sam. 14v6;1st Cor. 1v27,29.


    These last-day epochs are marked by   7 'decision-points',        when

    the attempted introduction of various heresies         was resisted by

    the faithful.      Since the Pioneer brothers have fallen asleep in the

    Lord, the course of "Christadelphia" has been ever downward.

    This was inevitable,   and has resulted in the Laodicean state now

    so evident amongst the majority.   Those wishing to maintain the

    Truth in its purity    have  had  no  alternative  but  to  maintain  a

    separate identity -     link to 'appeal' & 'selection' for more details.


    On page 2, under 'Philadelphia' and 'Laodicea',    we saw that the

    re-emergence  of the Truth,  as identified with  a distinct body of

    people, was pre-figured in the elements of these two messages.

    What follows is an exposition of the subsequent events.


    Ephesus: AD1866-1868 ch.2v1-7

    When the Truth emerged from the darkness of      the "churches",

    the ecclesias   "tried them which say they are apostles,       and are

    not, and….. found them liars".              And also, said Christ - "thou

    hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitaines " - sig.      'the conquerors of

    the people'."Priests" and "ministers" were alike repudiated.But

    later we will see that many would find the Nicolaitanes to be

    acceptable - see the message to 'Pergamos'.


    This division involved  basic doctrinal errors, such as   "immortal

    souls", "a fallen angel devil", etc., which heresies totally destroy

    the Truth. These errors were dealt with by the faithful. Note also

    the warning -   "thou hast left thy first love"    and      "remember

    from whence thou hast fallen" i.e. from  the    "heavenly places in

    Christ" Ephesians 1v3 - see page 1.    It is significant that Christ     

    promises the faithful:    "To him that overcometh will I give to eat

    of the tree of life,     which is in the midst of the paradise of God".

    This undeniably identifies the setting of these basic errors,under-

    lining the connection with the serpent's lie, & the lies of the seed

    of the serpent, as shown above - Genesis 3v4,5; John 8v44.

    Link to 'devil' & 'promises' for a full discussion of this subject.

    Those withdrawn from because of error were called 'Dowieites'.


    Smyrna: AD1873 ch.2v8-11

    The 2nd division involved  the denial of the truth    concerning the

    Sacrifice of Christ.   Without its comprehension and acceptance,

    there can be no salvation.  Christ identifies Himself as    "the first

    and the last, which was dead, and is alive".The connection is un-

    deniable.     He is only alive now because of the condemnation of

    sin in the flesh, Romans 8v3 cp Hebrews 2v14- link to 'sacrifice'.  

    Any teaching which denies this cannot give salvation.  It is tragic

    that this same heresy,  dressed in a different garb,     has of recent

    times almost obliterated  the truth   of  this  vital subject amongst

    the main group of "Christadelphians".


    Note also "the devil" is shown as the enemy - cp Hebrews 2v14.

    Those retaining the error became   "the synagogue of the satan"

    (Grk.) "which say they are (spiritual) Jews,  and (but) are not".

    Yes,"the satan"is a personification of all those who falsely claim

    to represent the Truth - link to 'satan' and 'proverbs' - page 2.

    Note Romans 2v29 -       "But he is a (spiritual) Jew, which is one

    inwardly..whose praise is not of men, but of God".

    Those "faithful unto death" would receive "a crown of life". 

    The promoters of this error were called 'Renunciationists'.    This

    was because they renounced the truth which they had believed.

    Exactly the same thing has happened in our own days -     adoption

    of 'clean flesh' (neo-renunciationism) has brought ruin to many.

    For fuller details see the messages to 'Philadelphia'&'Laodicea'.  


    Pergamos: AD1885 ch.2v12-17

    The 3rd division was brought about       through the introduction of

    the heresy of "partial inspiration" -     i.e. that the Bible is not to-

    tally inspired and unerring.       This abominable error was strongly

    promoted by       two ex-"ministers",  who,   after being unmasked,

    duly returned to their evil trade.       This "doctrine of the Nicolai-

    tanes"- sig. 'the conquerors of the people', rejected in the 1860s,

    see the  message to 'Ephesus' - was now opposed by those still

    faithful,    who reconstituted their meeting upon a firm foundation

    of an inspired Bible.    It was not done without opposition, which

    originated from within this meeting "where thou dwellest", and

    "where the satan's seat is" (see 'Smyrna' for the significance).


    But without flinching,      Robert Roberts,   as a latter-day "Antipas"

    (= 'against all'),          took the leading part   in this  necessary reaff-

    irmation of truth.         Open fellowship ("the doctrine of Balaam")

    was utilized by the errorists, their first attempts to curse (as with

    Balaam) having been prevented.A faithful man also "against all"

    fought & defeated Balaam's doctrine-cp Micah 6v5,Numbers 25;

    31v16. Phinehas "made an atonement for the children of Israel"

    &"the plague was stayed from the children of Israel"- caused by

    "the doctrine of Balaam,   who taught Balac to cast a stumbling-

    block before the children of Israel,      to eat things sacrificed unto

    idols, and to commit fornication".       A "covenant of peace" was

    given to Phinehas.          Even if it means that we must stand alone,

    let us remain faithful to God's trust - link to 'committees'.

    A related theme is traced out in 'The Yahweh-Nissi Altar'.

    Balaam's virulent heresy of    fellowship with the world continued

    on after him with his spiritual "children"-2nd Peter 2v1-3,12-22.

    After initial isolation, being (spiritually) "slain among you,where

    the satan dwelleth", Robert Roberts consolidated the faithful.


    We notice that Christ identifies Himself as      "he which hath the

    sharp sword with two edges"..i.e. the word of God, John 1v14;

    Hebrews 4v12,13; Revelation 19v13.                    

    The connection with the controversy is undeniable - it is further

    reinforced by the promise to the faithful of "the hidden manna". 

    Let us also be "faithful martyr(s)" - link to 'apocalypse'.


    Thyatira: AD1894-1898 ch.2v18-29

    The 4th division occurred when     a reservation upon the doctrine

    of resurrectional responsibility was introduced   (Britain & USA).

    For more details link to 'committees and compromises'.

    Those who denied judgment for the responsible were (and are)

    known as 'Unamended' - and became the Advocate group.

    But some, like other errorists, were later absorbed back into the

    main group of "Christadelphians" at the time of the "reunion"

    (see below under 'Philadelphia') based on tolerationist ideas.

    And currently many still 'Unamended' are being fellowshipped.


    This error has come to be known as 'Andrewism'. (Promoters of

    'clean flesh'  are  fond of  falsely  accusing  those who defend the

    truth concerning the Sacrifice of Christ of holding       'Andrewism'.

    It hides their purpose of converting the unwary to 'clean flesh' &

    is a tragic example of Isa. 29v21 - to "lay a snare"- proverbs p.2

    - and "turn aside the just for a thing of nought" - 

                       & also read very carefully Amos 5v4-15).

    This was a serious error,    because it denied the clear declaration

    of Almighty God to judge those who reject His word.         Being a

    serious challenge to His authority      it cannot be allowed to remain

    in fellowship. Otherwise we would also share this culpability.

    From history we see   the "burden" of   withdrawal from error as

    commanded by Christ was perceived by the faithful,    led as in the

    previous division by Robert Roberts. For the true significance of

    this "burden" link to 'seven-ecclesias' - Thyatira.


    It is significant that    the number 4 in Scripture represents Divine

    authority.        Link to 'structure' and 'the Lord's day'-  4th Vision

    where this is discussed.       Earlier applications of the 4th message

    also follow this same pattern-i.e. the rejection of God's authority.

    Note the judgment of "the Son of God",     with  "his eyes like unto

    a flame of fire"     and the promise to the faithful -      "to him will I

    give power over the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of

    iron;        as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken in pieces".

    "Jezebel",  who taught rebellion against God, is denounced,    and

    her judgment and the judgment of all rebels is proclaimed.


    The connection with this controversy is undeniable. And with this

    4th message, Robert Roberts fell asleep in the Lord (see page 2).

    This event marked a disastrous decline in doctrine & practice.

    "I will put upon you none other burden"- the sound legacy of the

    Pioneer brethren was now established for ecclesias to follow.

    "..that which ye have already hold fast till I come".

    The only question remaining was would the ecclesias obey?  

    Sadly Scripture & past events indicate otherwise-link to 'leprous' 


    Sardis: AD1914-1926 ch.3v1-6

    The Pioneer brethren had built a firm foundation of truth,     but it

    was not long before World War 1 began  a period which became

    notorious for 2 things:  A - compromise with error under a façade

    of truth -     and B - extremity by those who would foist man-made

    rules upon fellow-believers.  These 2 evils have always been very

    clear markers by which  the Divine plumbline can be recognized.

    Link to 'appeal' and '2nd Timothy 2' for more on the above.


    Robert Roberts had written an article entitled:

    'True Principles and Uncertain Details',        which was invaluable in

    that it set these matters out clearly    at the time of the resurrect-

    ional responsibility division (see 'Thyatira'). Sadly, now his scrip-

    tural advice was disregarded,    except amongst the believers who

    remained committed to the preservation of the Truth   as God had

    committed it to them - link to 'committees'.


    The matters wherein compromise was revealed included:

    *participation in non-combatant branches of the armed forces

    *toleration of those defending "special constables"

    *toleration of 'clean flesh' teaching,      which nullified the truth

      of the Sacrifice of Christ - link to 'sacrifice'.

    On the other hand extremity was amply demonstrated -      mainly

    through the adoption of   varying degrees of the indissolubility of

    marriage.         This heresy was confirmed by  the Roman Catholic

    "church" at the 'Council of Trent' 1445-1463, and was operative

    even in the cases of "fornication"   and desertion of a believer by

    an alien husband or wife. Contrast Matthew 5v32;19v9; 1st Cor-

    inthians 7v12-16. Link to 'marriage'.


    All those deviating claimed to be upholding    the correct position,

    and almost all retained the name "Christadelphian".            The ver-

    dict of Christ was clear: "thou hast a name that thou livest    and

    (but) thou art dead". The admonition was "strengthen the things

    which remain, that are ready to die". And    "Remember therefore

    how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast and repent".


         This was a clear call to the earlier days of sound doctrine

                  and sound practice. It echoed the following:

    Deuteronomy 32v7;Joshua 1v13;Hebrews 13v7 - "Remember the

    days of old..Remember the word..Remember them". The constant

    message is to remember the words of the pioneers of the   ecclesia

    in the wilderness & the ecclesia in Jerusalem.The message of the

    Lord, consistent with the above,    is to remember the words of the

    pioneer brethren of the Sardian ecclesia -     and in the time-appli-

    cation to the last days,     the pioneer brethren John Thomas and

    Robert Roberts,   with the sound scriptural foundation which they

    laid under the providence of Almighty God in Christ.


    The fact that the above is  a correct understanding    is endorsed

    by the "few names even in Sardis which did not (Revised version)

    defile their garments".They were "names", i.e. reputations, even

    as the "name", or reputation of the Sardian ecclesia.   It was the

    same as in the advice of Paul to the Jerusalem ecclesia,    as ren-

    dered in the R.V. -    "Remember them that had the rule over you,

    which spake unto you the word of God; and considering the issue

    of their life, imitate their faith".   Yes, the Pioneer works may be

    on our bookshelves; their "names" are with us. But can we truly

    say that we are walking in the footsteps of the faithful of old?


    In the years 1914-1926 and following,         those remaining firmly

    based upon the Pioneer foundation allowed     neither compromise

    nor extremity to destroy the Christadelphian name.This allowed

    them to prepare for an even greater disaster soon to follow:

    "If therefore thou shalt not watch,   I will come on thee as a thief,

    and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee".

    (Concerning the need to "watch", link to 'apocalypse' fact 4).

    That time occurred,  in the aftermath of World War 2,    after one

    symbolic "hour" (thirty years) -    showing the suddenness of this

    event. Link to 'the Lord's day' -   6th Vision for an explanation of

    the telescopic symbology involved in such prophecies.


    Philadelphia: AD1947-1958 ch.3v7-13

    During this period of time      the disaster foreshadowed above took

    place.        It saw the re-entry of errors previously withdrawn from,

    under the euphemistic description of "reunion".             Toleration of

    false doctrine, begun in 1917, was cemented by the end of 1922.

    In 1947, a conference (Detroit, USA) heard a shocking "official"

    defence of toleration,        which resulted in  the admission of those

    holding error by a conference (Jersey City, USA)    20 Sept. 1952.


    Then by the end of that year,       a report in 'The Christadelphian'

    gave "official" recognition to "reunion" with errorists.           After

    one "hour"* (thirty years, 2 periods)       the judgments prophesied

    came upon them. It has been all downhill since that disaster. The

    "hedge" of fellowship having been broken down,      every type of

    error has found a home in this compromised community.         One

    notable error, 'clean flesh',      which has plagued the Christadel-

    phian assemblies since its inception,has won its final victory.   The

    most devilish form of this error    which has mesmerised and over-

    come resistance is exposed in 'sacrifice'.

    * "the hour of temptation" - cp Matt. 24v44,50 "in such an hour 

    as ye think hour that he is not aware of" - re the symbol-

    ogy of one "hour" link to 'feasts' & 'the Lord's day' - 6th Vision.


    These events bring into focus the prophecy of the Lord, which is

    contained in Matthew 24, and upon which we also have more to

    say in the study of proverbs - see page 2.  Sound teaching on

    doctrine & fellowship has been gradually replaced with what is

    simply a re-hash under different labels  of the harlot's teaching.

    A "fretting leprosy" has corrupted what was once the Master's

    spiritual "house" -  link to 'leprous'.

    For proof of this declension link to 'committees' & 'words'.

    And the "meat in due season" has recently been replaced with

    the "smit(ing) of fellowservants"  and  "eat(ing) and drink(ing)

    with the drunken" - i.e. those  "made drunk with the wine of her

    (the harlot's) fornication". The sad fulfilment is easily seen from

    the pages of ecclesial history, & the principle is applicable both

    individually & collectively-cp Matt. 24v42-51 & Luke 12v35-48.

    Concerning the "harlot" of Rome & her spiritual progeny see

    Revelation 17v1-5-she is always looking to add to their number.


    We noted under 'Sardis' that extreme views were also being pro-

    mulgated.      These views became entrenched even further in the

    period of time we are now considering. As we have set out in our

    'appeal' letter,the twin evils of laxity and extremity are now app-

    arent for all to see.     They allow us to be guided to the plumbline,

    which is the Truth in its purity,          but with no added doctrines or

    commandments of men. Both declensions from the Faith must be

    resisted by those called to be members of Christ's ecclesia.


    Jesus Christ links the warnings of Matthew 24v42-51 with the 3

    parables of Matthew 25 when He says in v.1 "then"-at that time.

    They demonstrate sequentially "faith which worketh by love" -

    Galatians 5v6. But more specifically, in the context of apostacy,

    we must ask the questions, in connection with the 3 parables:

    1.the wise and foolish virgins-do we have the Truth in its purity?

    2.the faithful & unfaithful servants - do we openly promote it?

    3.the providers & the non-providers-do we minister to those who

    show their need of it? (all finally redeemed on the "right hand").

    In'proverbs'-p.3 we consider related aspects of these obligations. 


    In these last two messages of Philadelphia and Laodicea, we find

    doors which are open, & doors which are shut.   We deal with the

    principles involved in 'foundation'.   The door of opportunity was

    shut for those who closed their eyes to the compromise. However

    to the faithful Christ says:  "behold,I have set before thee an open

    door, and no man can shut it".    The faithful were few -      "for thou

    hast a little strength".   Those tolerating the errors in this ungodly

    "reunion" became "the synagogue of the satan"*(Grk.),"which   

    say they are (spiritual) Jews,  and (but) are not, but do lie".


    *We remember that  this description occurs also   in the message

    to Smyrna.  These are the only two ecclesias of which no fault is

    recorded, & both withdrew from "the synagogue of the satan".

    Yes,"the satan"is a personification of all those who falsely claim

    to represent the Truth - link to 'satan' and 'proverbs' - page 2.

    Note Romans 2v29 -       "But he is a (spiritual) Jew, which is one

    inwardly..whose praise is not of men, but of God".


    The few showing faith remained separate or withdrew.

    They cherished the promise of Christ that in the Kingdom Age

    He would   "make..him that overcometh..a pillar in the temple of

    my God, and he shall go no more out". 


    There was need for faith-a quotation from Isa. 22v22 confirms it.

    Christ is "he that hath the key of David" in v7. The practice was

    for one bearing a large key to precede the king.   The key "upon"

    the "shoulder" represented the authority of "government",    both

    then and pointing forward to the future rule of Christ,   Isaiah 22

    v20-22, cp ch.9v6,7. Hezekiah was tested at that time,      & showed

    faith, so that the Assyrian advance was halted outside Jerusalem,

    and the enemy destroyed-cp Isaiah 36 & 37.   As a sign of his faith

    Hezekiah also replaced Shebna (sig. 'lead captive')      with Eliakim

    (sig. 'El (God) will set up') - cp Isaiah 22v15-22 with 36v3.

    This clearly demonstrated   that      he did not rely upon the arm of

    the flesh, but instead committed his righteous cause to God.


    Hezekiah also held the greatest Passover ever in Judah  accord-

    ing to the principle of faith.        Individuals responded to his call

    from the corrupted northern kingdom.    Consider 2nd Chronicles

    30. The application to our own responsibilities in similar circum-

    stances of prevailing apostacy is clear. Hezekiah "opened the

    doors of the house of Yahweh" which had been "shut"- see

    2nd Chronicles 29v3;28v24. The faithful few in Philadelphia had

    this "open door" set before them - not so with Laodicea(below).


    Philadelphia is the 6th ecclesia -   in common with previous time-

    applications of 6 we see    the great struggle between the spirit &

    the flesh : truth and error : set forth.Link further to 'structure'.

    The conflict and the battle with self must be won.

    It is in situations of smallness of numbers and strength that this

    struggle provides the greatest test of our faith.


    The next message to Laodicea shows us   the door of opportunity

    has been shut.      Total indoctrination involving toleration has by

    now taken control over a hapless"Christadelphian" community,

    except for those maintaining the Truth in its purity.This involves

    not adding to or detracting from God's holy word-see 'appeal'.


    The little-understood parable of    the wise  and foolish  virgins in

    Matthew 25v1-13 we shall expound, if it is the Lord's will, in the

    context of Proverbs & see 'Laodicea'. Note "the door was shut".

    An infamous 'addendum' has been crafted,       allowing toleration

    of the error of 'clean flesh'. This is exposed in 'committees'

    The 'addendum' formed part of what is    still termed in Australia

    the 'Unity Book' - but it was deception, and the only unity to be

    revealed was the toleration of errorists within the ecclesias. 

    Similar deception on the American continent has brought further

    loose fellowship by many joining together with various previously

    withdrawn from (see 'Thyatira'). Refer again to 'committees'.

    Compromise is thus world-wide, and has carried forward into the

    epoch of Laodicea below. It is convenient to summarise this here.

    The appeal of Christ, as we shall see,    is now only to individuals. 


    Laodicea: AD1958 to Christ's return ch.3v14-22

    This is the last of the seventh epochs,     just prior to the coming of

    Christ.We have suggested elsewhere,  in'the time of the end', that

    the date of "Armageddon" may be AD2027. The return of Christ

    must be before Armageddon,      for He must first judge those who

    will have become responsible to judgment    by a knowledge of the

    Truth.   He must then organize the accepted saints preparatory to

    His conquest of the world. Link to 'the Lord's day' and 'feasts'.

    Therefore the preparation for the  coming  of  the  Lord     is of the

    greatest urgency. Let us consider this message in that light.

    Remember also that death could overtake us at any time,   & the

    time of opportunity, as in Israel's history, will be gone forever.


    The time-application  to this last epoch is brought forcibly to our

    notice by Christ's self-identification as      "the Amen, the faithful

    and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God".

    See what this involves -   link to 'apocalypse' re "testimony" and

    "witness". He condemns this faithless "lukewarm" end-product.

    He states "I would thou wert cold or hot" - v15…i.e.   refreshing-

    "cold", Proverbs 25v13,25..zealous-"hot",a related Greek word

    is translated"zealous"in v19-"be zealous therefore,and repent".

    Being neither of the above, but insipid,    Laodicea is only fit for

    one possible action - the Lord will reject them as vomit - v16.


    It is noteworthy that in the litany of faults recorded against     Lao- 

    dicea we see "wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and

    naked". It is surely significant that such terms have a connection

    with the Sacrifice of Christ, and His resurrection & immortality:

    See Romans 6v24, 1st Corinthians 15v19, Revelation 16v15.

    The heresy of 'clean flesh'       which denies this essential doctrine

    is fatal to those who adopt or tolerate it - link to 'sacrifice'. 


    And a very tragic aspect of this declension from the One Faith is

    that they do not understand what they have done,  & that the

    consequences, both personally and ecclesially, are disastrous -

    this is made clear by the Lord's comments "thou knowest not",

    and because they are insipid "I will spue thee out of my mouth".

    Concerning their ignorance, cp 'proverbs' - p.2 'the simple ones'

    esp.Prov.7v22,23-"he knoweth not that it is for his life"- & Matt.

    24v44-"in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh".


    As noted above,in these very last days of "Laodicea",the "door"

    of opportunity is shut.       It is a stark contrast to "Philadelphia",

    which enjoyed "an open door". These two facts inextricably link

    these epochs with the parable of the"wise" and "foolish" virgins

    of Matthew 25v1-13.       In this parable we read "they that were

    ready went in with him to the marriage:     and the door was shut".


    It would be wrong to believe         this refers only to the acceptance

    granted at Christ's return,for "afterward came also the other vir-

    gins, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us".This does not fit with the

    Judgment Seat of Christ, where both the accepted & the rejected

    will appear together to be judged, and then separation occurs.

    Link to 'judge'-page 1.  Primarily we see the days of "Laodicea"

    when in the parable     "the foolish" are told to     "go..and buy for

    yourselves".        And to the same class in "Laodicea" Christ says:

    "I counsel thee to buy of me gold..white raiment..eyesalve".

    This gracious invitation will not be renewed at the judgment.


    There is a connection with Psalm 119, which contrasts those who

    love God's word and endeavour to obey it with those who despise

    it. "At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto thee because of thy

    righteous judgments.I am a companion of all them that fear thee,

    and of them that keep thy precepts...Thou through thy command-

    ments hast made me wiser than mine enemies..thy word is a lamp

    unto my feet, and a light unto my path...the wicked have laid a

    snare for me: yet I erred not from thy precepts...depart from me,

    ye evildoers: for I will keep the commandments of my God" -

    Psalm 119v62,63,98,105,110,115(& whole psalm)-cp Matt.25v6-8.

    Consider also Proverbs 31v15,18 (& whole chapter) - "She riseth 

    also while it is yet night...her candle goeth not out by night".


    "at midnight...all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps…

    five were wise,and five were foolish..the foolish said unto the wise

    Give us of your oil;for our lamps are gone(mg. going)out. But the

    wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and

    you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves".

    Only"the bridegroom" is able to "sell" to those who "buy" in the

    way appointed, "without money and without price" -

    cp Isaiah 55v1; Revelation 3v18. Re "wise" & "foolish" link to       

                           'Proverbs and Parables in the New Testament'


    There is still time, but it is fast running out.      When the Lord has

    returned, there will no longer be this golden opportunity.

    "He that is unjust,let him be unjust still:and he which is filthy,    let

    him be filthy still".  Let us not lose this last opportunity.The door

    has been"shut" now by wicked men,but with faith any can  "open

    the door", and Christ "will come in to him,and will sup with him,

    and he with me" i.e. fellowship will be restored. For more details

    on this vital theme link to'foundation'-page 1.Remember also the

    gracious words of the Lord in Matthew 7v7,8 -

    "Ask, and it shall be given you;     seek, and ye shall find; knock, and

    it shall be opened to you:for every one that asketh receiveth;and he

    that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened".


    With the final victory of "clean flesh",  its promoters have stepped

    up the false charge of 'Andrewism'to hide their own hideous error -

    see 'Thyatira'. And the purveyors of open association (i.e. "the

      doctrine of Balaam" - see 'Pergamos') are in a frenzy,  with many

    false reservations against sound fellowship.  One ploy is to label

    obedient believers as 'a man-made organization'.   In both things

      we see the full subtilty of the serpent mind.  Such subterfuges

    were evident in the days of John, who needed to denounce them.


    In "the last days" of Israel's existence prior to AD70, the Apostle

    John fought against heresy("deceivers..who confess not that Jesus

    Christ is come in the flesh") and the toleration of heresy ("he that

    biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds") - 2nd John.

         Is it any wonder then, that we must also combat these same

          two disasters in "the last days" of Gentile times just prior

                                     to the return of Christ?


    Because of the iron-clad compromise    which has allowed error to

    appear respectable, the appeal of Christ is only to individuals:

    "If any man hear my voice..". We must show faith & courage.

    As in the days of old,  we must have "understanding of the times,

    to know what Israel ought to do" - 1st Chronicles 12v32. And like

    them, we must do it - "faith without works is dead" - James 2v26.


    The promoters of this web-site are      ready and      willing  to assist any

    who desire further information and assistance.Remember also that

    the Lord says - "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten".        Heb.12

    v1-13 tells us "For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scour-

    geth every son whom he receiveth".       Note also that the word for

    "love" in Christ's appeal to Laodicean believers       is from the Greek

    'phileo', signifying a personal affection.          It is significant that the

    epoch of "Philadelphia" enjoyed an "open door". This was the time

    of the Pioneer brethren - see page 2.    We suggest that we are being

    told there must be a return to the principles for which they stood.

    That is the purpose of this web-site and our 'appeal' letter.


    We see a similarity with the words of Malachi,  who prophesied of a

    final work of Elijah to Israel    "before the coming of the great and

    dreadful day of the LORD" to "turn the heart of the fathers to the

    children, and the heart of the children to their fathers"-  Mal.4v5,6.

    There will be more on this glorious theme in    'proverbs'(see below).   


     There is an 8th ecclesia referred to in Revelation 2 and 3.    It is the

     Christ-body, which will be  composed  of  individuals  who  hearken

     to the words that recur throughout these chapters:

     "He that hath an ear,  let  him  hear  what  the spirit saith unto the

     ecclesias".   We must "read..hear..and keep those things which are

     written therein" in order to be "blessed" by the Lord - ch.1v3.

     Whereas the number 7 speaks of completion, the number 8 speaks

     of perfection - link to 'structure' & 'grace' - page 2.

     May we attain to this perfection by our dedication to the Truth,   &

     our maintenance of sound doctrine and fellowship.


    The epochs of time dealt with in the messages to     Sardis, Phila-

    delphia, & Laodicea,      will be the subject of prophetic import in

    'Proverbs and Parables in the New Testament',            now gradually

    being uploaded to this site. We are pressing on with this work.           








    "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world,

      and men loved darkness rather than light,  because their deeds

      were evil"…"But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that

      his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God"

                                           - John 3v19,21.

      It is time for the light of truth to dispel the darkness which has

        descended upon the Household of Faith       in these terrible last

                                        days of Gentile times.






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