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           It has been created for the promotion of 2 objectives - SOUND DOCTRINE AND SOUND FELLOWSHIP

                                              THE PIONEER CHRISTADELPHIAN FELLOWSHIP 

                                                                           We are Christadelphians

                                                  Upholding the Truth as revealed in God's inspired word

                                                   -and proclaimed by John Thomas and Robert Roberts- 

                                                 whose writings are largely ignored today by the majority:                  

                                                  We invite the support of others who also love the Truth.

                                                 Our Fellowship is represented in the following countries:                         

                                                               Australia, Chile, India, Kenya, Uganda.






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          Read how & why the Truth has almost disappeared from the face of the earth - 'Departure' - p.1 & 2.

          The recent solar eclipse has created a lot of interest. Read the scriptural reason for this phenomenon.

          DNA has identified the descendants of the Canaanites and endorsed the Biblical record - 'Bible' - p.3.

          John Thomas wrote in 1865 concerning 'Neutrals and Enemies'. And his words still ring true today.

          Those desiring to maintain the Truth in its purity will enjoy reading 'Fellowship & the Seven Ecclesias'.

          And if it was "a time to be honest" in 1984, what is it now, decades later? - 'An Unheeded Complaint'.

          Why is it that "open" and "shut" doors feature so prominently in the Bible? The answer is here.

          "Evolutionists" now label the 'evolutionary tree' as "a figment of our imagination" see 'Bible' - p.3.

          What was the "burden" placed upon the faithful in Thyatira by Christ? The full details are here.

          Who was 'Lucifer' in Isaiah 14v12? Forget the myths you have heard and read the answer here.

          Those who suffer today because of apostacy will appreciate the warnings of 'Proverbs' - p. 2 and 3.

          The false claims of Rome to Divine authority & infallibility are demolished in 'Foundation' - p.1 and 2.

          We have commenced the glorious 8th "sign" of the Gospel of John  - for the introduction link here.                 

          A vital study now on-site is 'The Yahweh-Nissi Altar'. And who was 'satan' in 1st Chronicles 21v1?

          Correct translation and context are essential for our understanding - an example is  Matthew 18v1-22.

          Why is it so necessary to uphold the Pioneer time-line of the Apocalypse? For the answers link here.

          What is meant in John 14v2 - "In my Father's house are many mansions"? The explanation is here.

          It was once popular for "evolutionists" to speak of "vestigial organs" - they have been proved wrong.

          What does Peter mean by "new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness"?

          We are not commanded to keep a 7th day sabbath today. However an 8th day sabbath will soon be

          observed throughout the earth in the Kingdom of God. Read a complete scriptural analysis here.

          If "Jehovah's Witnesses" are at your door, do you know their errors and the scriptural proofs?

          We have begun a series of studies exposing the errors of Mormonism - link to 'Morminism Examined'.

          And so far we have rebutted the "gold plates", "Reformed Egyptian" & the 'First Vision'.

          In addition, we have shown conclusively that Mormon claims to two priesthoods are both false.

          The notoriously unreliable & biased method of "carbon dating" has taken another hit - read of it here.

          There are important implications for personal and communal responsibility in 'The Leprous House'.

          Also consider the prophetical dimensions of this vital subject, which bear directly upon heresy today.

          In one sense "the devil" has been destroyed.  However "the devil" is still active today. Read of it here.

          Have you ever wondered about the difference between the Jewish feast of 'Hanukkah' & the popular

          pagan sun-god festival observed on 25 December known as "Christ-Mass"? Read the shocking truth.


          UPDATE:we have created two pages that are expanded and concise summaries of the Basic Doctrines.

          They may be accessed & downloaded via the link above. They may also be printed as one double-sided

          A4page, which can be a valuable low-cost means of presenting the essential teachings of the Scriptures.

          We suggest that in your browser page setup you un-tick 'shrink to fit page width' or equivalent, & also

          set the scale to 86%. To eliminate unnecessary page and date details, set 'headers & footers' to 'blank'.

          And there is a normal web-page with all of these 12 Basic Doctrines which are essential for salvation.

          A Word file is also available which is especially useful for those needing larger us (below).


          MARRIAGE & DIVORCE: those who have adopted the Catholic dogma of no divorce should examine

          the scriptural facts as opposed to the many current theories. A careful reading of the Gospel records

          will reveal the teaching of Christ on this subject.    It will also reveal the background to His teaching and

          why He spoke as He did - link here to 'Marriage and Divorce'...'Objections Answered'. And do not be

          misled by false interpretations of the 1898 Melbourne divorce case.We set out the truth based upon the

          actual court records and the real facts, with reference to Robert Roberts' comments & the Scriptures.

          And just recently, some old discredited "translations" of Matthew 5v32 & 19v9 have re-surfaced.

          To see our reply, originally issued in 1973, link to 'The 'Exceptive Clause' - the real facts'.    


        THE TWO GREAT 'SIGNS' OF THESE LAST DAYS - Proverbs 27v18 cp Matthew 24v29 to 25v46


          1  THE POLITICAL 'SIGN' OF ISRAEL - "Whoso keepeth the fig tree shall eat the fruit thereof" 

              It appears, from calculations elsewhere on this site, that we may have entered a final count-down

              period, leading to "Armageddon" in here to 'The Time of the End' for more details.

                                                        THIS  DATE  IS  A  SUGGESTION  ONLY

              "Armageddon" & the Temple Inauguration may both be in jubilee years - link to 'Jewish Jubilee'.

              Because the Lord must return prior to "Armageddon", we have little time to ensure our position

              before God. Let us therefore use this brief time wisely, not knowing if death may shorten our few

                                                               days of  opportunity even more.


          2  THE ECCLESIAL 'SIGN' OF APOSTACY - "so he that waiteth on his master shall be honoured"

              Recent tragic events demonstrate the urgent need for plain speaking, and for those caught up in

              current apostacy to remove themselves from positions of complicity with evil - link to

              'Biblical Fellowship''Contending for the Faith''Proverbs'-p.2&3...'Words from Sounder Days'.

              In particular the inroad of "clean flesh" substitutionary teaching within 'Central Christadelphians'*

              has accelerated.Read again such Pioneer works as 'Elpis Israel' and re-consider the "two principal

              acceptations" of "sin".Jesus Christ committed no sin,but because He was born of "sinful flesh",He

              needed salvation through sacrifice and resurrection in common with those whom He came to save.


              Any teaching which denies this clear scriptural doctrine is apostate and cannot save anyone. In fact

              anyone immersed  by Central Christadelphians should urgently check  what they have been taught

              concerning this and other basic doctrines. If error has been adopted, it is urgent that true Biblical

              doctrine is now believed. Re-immersion (i.e. scriptural baptism into Jesus Christ) will be necessary

              while there is still the opportunity, and false teachings must not henceforth be fellowshipped.


              (* including Christadelphian Bible Mission - CBM and associated organizations - & Carelinks...

                   it is a sad fact that literature emanating from within Central is very likely to contain error)


              Do not be deterred from your investigations by false assertions and personal attacks. A deadly &

              fatal inertia has taken hold, and those whom the system serves are using all the self-preservation

              mechanisms at their disposal, to prevent any dissent and consequent threat to their power.

              "Let them alone :  they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall

              into the ditch" - Matt. 15v14. "To the law and to the testimony : if they speak not according to this

              word, it is because there is no light in them"-Isaiah 8v20.."the word that I have spoken, the same 

              shall judge him in the last day" -  John 12v48.."So then every one of us shall give account of 

              himself to God" - Romans 14v12.."But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved"

              - Matt. 24v13. "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?"

              - Romans 8v31.."If we suffer, we shall also reign with him : if we deny him, he also will deny us" -

              2nd Timothy 2v12.."Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you : not as the world giveth,

              give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" - John 14v27.

              Link to 'The Sacrifice of Christ''A Scriptural Resolution''Committees and Compromises'

                                      'Love in the Truth''Sin and Sin-Offering'...'A Time to Heal'.


              Study the prophecies concerning Christadelphians in 'The Messages to the 7 Ecclesias' - page 3.

                   (to fully understand this application, examine the two applications suggested by John Thomas

                    in 'Eureka' and H.P. Mansfield in 'The Apocalypse Epitomised' set out in page 1 & page 2 -

                    and before you reject it, consider Proverbs 18v13 & Amos 3v7  - also the two 'signs' above)


              "The characteristic of  a true Christadelphian is "the obedience of faith"  and a  "walk worthy of

                God;" in other words, he first understands the things of the Kingdom of God,and Name of Jesus

                Christ; secondly, he believes what he understands, and loves what he believes above every other

                thing; thirdly, his "faith working by love" causes him to be immersed into the Divine Name;

                fourthly, he walks in the truth, and is careful to do nothing to its injury: and fifthly, he will not

                fellowship those who do not so believe and do.  There are very few in whom "the word of Christ

                dwells richly in all wisdom" and in whom this word rules so as to induce them "to deny them-

                selves of all ungodliness and worldly lusts, and to live soberly and righteously and godly in the

                present world."Do what is right, be valiant for the truth, teach it without compromise, and all  

                the lovers of the truth will approve you: for all others, you need not care a rush." John Thomas.


              "The children of light have nothing to do with the reservations of darkness.   Far better accept the

                company of a few on a sound foundation of truth and peace than preserve a numerous fellowship

                in which the leaven of corruption is at work."   "The friends of God are few and feeble in our day

                and generation.  We must not be discouraged at this.   In the purpose of God, His children will yet

                be a multitude that no man can number."   "The truth cannot be frustrated in its appointed miss-

                ion in our age any more than in any other age.   If those to whom it comes prove undiscerning of

                their privilege,  or loose-handed  in their stewardship,  the opportunity will pass on to others,  as

                we are taught by the parables and by all God's dealings on earth.It has always come in a humble

                and kindly agency, but it is none the less a thing of inexorable demands at the bottom.Gentle and

                enticing at the beginning,  it will end with bitter mockery if it is trifled with.  God is love, but our

                God is a consuming fire, and it is a fearful thing to fall into His hands." "You did quite right to

                stand out against ambiguous sentiments on this question. He that bids a denier of the truth "God

                speed" by receiving him in approving co-operation is "partaker of his evil deeds." This is John's

                doctrine (2 Jno. 10-11), and John's doctrine is Christ's, and Christ's is God's (Luke x. 16  ; Jno.

                xii. 49). It is very inconvenient for the present world, but the law of God was never given as a

                rule of convenience now.Its convenience and joy will be unutterable at the last." Robert Roberts.       


                              note:  this site is being constantly expanded - please visit us as often

                     as possible - the signs of the Lord's return multiply day by day -                  

                     and He will soon be here to set up the Kingdom of God on earth….

                     "Today if ye will hear his voice.."                                  Hebrews 3v15

                     "Come now, and let us reason together.."                   Isaiah 1v18

                     "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved"      Mark 16v16  



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