'The Lord's Day' - the Divine Purpose

      expressed in 8 Visions of Glory

   Introduction & 1st to 4th Visions


  INTRODUCTION:   The  phrase   "the Lord's day" is found in

  Revelation 1v10, where we  read  that the Apostle John (cp v1)

  "was in the Spirit  on  the  Lord's  day".     A better translation

  would read-      "was in spirit in the Lord's day".    The following

  extract from 'Eureka', an incomparable exposition of The Rev-

  elation (The Apocalypse) will assist our considerations:


  "He was "in spirit", and then he beheld,  or was caused to see,  what was

   invisible to men in their normal state. Hitherto he had seen nothing; but

   as soon as he came to be "in spirit",  he  beheld   a  vision, and continued

   "in spirit" so long as there was anything to be seen. When the vision dis-

   appeared, he was again as usual,  and proceeded to write whatever might

   be communicated….Having ascertained what the apostle meant by     "be-

   ing in spirit", the next consideration is,   Where was he conveyed to? and

   then, What did he behold there?


   In regard to the first enquiry, he tells us, that  being in spirit,  he was in a

   certain day en te kuriake hemera.   He was in the kuriake day.  And what

   day, it may be asked,  was that?   Any one  acquainted with  the apostle's

   faith and hope, will be able to answer the question readily. He was in that

   day, which "Abraham rejoiced to see"—Jno. 8:56: the day that Paul said

   should not come until  an  apostacy had been fully matured,    and had be-

   come ripe for destruction-   2 Thess. 2:3-8:  "the day in which", Paul pro-

   claimed at Athens, "the Deity will judge the inhabited earth in righteous-

   ness in a man (en andri)  whom he hath appointed,  having offered assur-

   ance to all, having  raised  him  from among the dead"-  Acts 17:31.  This

   was the great day, styled in Joel,  "the great and terrible day of Yahweh"

   (ch. 2:31),and in Malachi, "the day* that shall come, burning like a furn-

   ace",  in which  "all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stu-

   bble; and the day that cometh,  shall burn them up,  saith   Yahweh of arm-

   ies,  that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.  And ye that fear my

   name shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles

   of your feet in the day that I shall work,saithYahweh of armies"-ch.4:1-3.

   (*-called "the great and dreadful day of the LORD" in Malachi 4:5).  


   This was the day that Peter referred to  on the day of Pentecost,  when he

   quoted the words of Joel, and told his hearers, that "it shall be, every one

   who shall  surname  by  the  name of Yahweh,  shall  be delivered".   John

   stood up with him in the same proclamation; and all the saints,enlighten-

   ed by their teaching, regarded   it with great interest and  expectation; and

   it was into this day that John, being in spirit, was conveyed in vision.

   What then,  should such a day be called?-  "this   day Yahweh hath made"

   - Psalm 118:24?   John calls it   kuriake;  but why?  Because   it   is the day

   when"the Only Potentate" in the saints  shall    truly be lord over mankind-

   when those, represented by  the symbolical Son of man in the midst of the

   Seven Lightstands,shall be the Sovereign Power of the earth to its utmost

   bounds. This power will be the Lord of all;and the word for lord in Greek

   is kurios,from which comes kuriake,pertaining to a lord.  This word is only

   used in one other place in the New Testament,  as in 1 Cor. 11:20, "this is

   not to eat  kuriakon supper";  which is properly rendered   "the Lord's su-

   pper". We may, therefore, with the same propriety, style the day,

         "the Lord's day"   -   John Thomas, 1861.


 The judgments  ushering  in  this  "day"  occupy  possibly  fifty

 years. The work which is to be accomplished is vast.    The prep-

 aration for this period is taken  up  with   the resurrection, judg-

 ment, glorification, & organization of accepted saints.This may

 occupy some years,  probably centred in the area around Sinai.


 The fifty years themselves  may firstly include ten years for "Ar-

 mageddon"     (the attack of the Russian/Catholic/European con-

 federacy against Israel,  which will be  ineffectually defended by

 some   maritime powers,  including   USA, Britain,  and  Common-

 wealth nations) and associated judgments.       It is at this critical

 time that the Lord Jesus Christ and His then glorified saints will

 intervene directly in the affairs of men.The inevitable result will

 be the destruction of human institutions,  including  all false sys-

 tems of religion,  and the transference of all power to the Son of

 God and His co-inheritors of the earth.After another forty years

 the Divine rule will commence,  and last for one thousand years.

 To put these events into the prophetical time-table link to where

 we consider this aspect in detail-'the time of the end'...'feasts'

 'will "Armageddon" take place in a Jewish Jubilee year?'


 So that we might the better appreciate and  look  forward   in faith

 to this glorious time,  let  us consider  the  8  Visions of Glory set

 forth in The Apocalypse.  The visions reveal  "the Lord's day" in

 8 sequential stages.  They demonstrate the result of events which

 take place from  the time when  John was given the   Apocalypse-

 probably AD96-      "things which must shortly come to pass..the

 time is at hand"- ch. 1v1,3;22v10. It is a glorious feature of these

 visions  that  each  one  is  suited to the accompanying  historical

 events. So the saints,in whatever age they  lived, could be comfort-

 ed and encouraged by the Lord's special message to them.


 Regarding the above, John Thomas wrote-  "The Apocalypse was

 given to the end  that   the servants of the Deity who are keeping

 their garments  might  be  able  to  discern   the signs of the times

 preceding the apocalypse  of Christ; and the real nature of things

 extant in their several generations.     No believer, understanding

 this prophecy,    could be seduced into fellowship   with the clerical

 institutions of the world;   because he would  see them  in all their

                                native deformity and sin".  

 It is therefore absolutely imperative that any interpretation null-

 ifying  such  true understanding  must  be  resisted  by all means,

                       including  withdrawal of fellowship-

                                    link to 'apocalypse'


'The Lord's Day'- The Eight Visions of Glory

NOTE– This is not meant to be an extensive exposition. We do not have the

time at present to do this.  But requests for more information are welcome.

Our aim is to   "write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may

run that readeth it" Habakkuk 2v2.  Only you, the viewer, can judge whether

                           these humble efforts have been successful.

Each vision is followed by a continuous historical prophecy -   the events of

      which form the basis for   the relevant vision   providing the consolation.


 Vision Reference  Explanation of Prophecy


        1        ch. 1v10-20       Resurrection (v10-"behind me a great voice,

                      as of a trumpet",  v12- "I turned to see")   and   Judgment (v17-

                      "I  fell  at his feet")  and  Acceptance (v17-   "he  laid  his  right

                      hand upon me,  saying  unto  me,  Fear not" -v18-   "I..have  the

                      keys of hell (the grave) and of death").  Note Daniel 10, in which

                      the same symbolism is employed.    John (in vision, and when he

                      has been accepted and immortalized, in reality) becomes part of

                      the multitudinous "Son of man", v13-16.

                      Follow this link to 'judge' for more on this subject.The rejected

                      are    sent away into the the"fire"which will be  Catholic Europe

                      when it is judged -  see 4th Vision and compare ch.19v20 with

                      Matthew 18v7-9;25v41.


                      Historical ch.2 and 3:           those who have heard and obeyed the

                      messages through the spirit  in  the days  of  the  7 ecclesias (ch.

                      2 & 3 - rep. of all ages - link to 'messages')*  cp ch.2v7,11,17,29;

                      3v13,22 - will  hear  words of comfort &  acceptance ch.1v17,18. 

                      *also see 'seven ecclesias' concerning fellowship obligations                       


          2         ch. 4 and 5         Thanksgiving for God's mercy-    which is ex-

                      pressed by the redeemed,   symbolized by the "four beasts" and

                      four and twenty elders".    They have now been  made  immortal

                      (4v8- the Most Holy state).    This has been made possible by the

                      "slain..lamb"(5v6),  now revealed also as    "the Lion of the tribe

                      of Juda"(5v5). This relates to the Passover sacrifice-"Thou hast

                      redeemed us to God by thy blood"-  Who forever is  "Christ our

                      Passover..sacrificed for us"- 1st Corinthians 5v7-link to 'feasts'.

                      This time at Sinai is preparatory to events which will ultimately

                      result in  "every creature" remaining  after  the judgments upon

                      the nations becoming submissive to  Christ and His saints (ch.5). 


                      Historical ch.6v1 to 7v8:    the period covered is AD96-324.   This

                      was a time when  the  Gospel  in  its  purity made great progress

                      throughout  the  Roman  Empire.       But  apostacy  followed. The

                      Empire suffered  civil wars,  famines,   pestilences, & other evils.

                      The  apostate  "church"  came  to   state-sanctioned  power, and

                      began   to institute  persecution  of   believers remaining faithful.

                      By  trusting   in  the  Sacrifice of Christ    which condemned   sin  &

                      made  sure  the  promises  to  the  fathers  of   Israel,   believers             

                      would gain future deliverance & glory (link to 'sacrifice').                       


          3         ch. 7v9-17         Rejoicing and Preparation-  follow   in   nat-

                       ural sequence.   Thus,  a period  of  Tabernacles rejoicing is en-                             

                       joyed by  the redeemed-   v9  "a great multitude..of all nations..                                                     

                       palms in their hands".     Link here  to 'feasts' or go via link bo-

                       ttom of page.   They  then  prepare  to  go  forward  on the work         

                       of  subduing  the  nations-   "the Lamb..shall lead them unto liv-                                           

                       ing  fountains of waters" - both  spiritual (ch.21v1)  and natural                                                     

                       (Ezekiel 47) at Zion-   "for there Yahweh commanded the bless-

                       ing, even life for evermore"- Psalm 133v3. 


                       Historical ch.8 and 9:                   the  period  covered  is   AD324-1453.

                       False  "Christianity"  was  now  in  power, because  of  its  adop-

                       tion by Constantine,  who later added  an Eastern capital,  Cons-

                       tantinople.  God,  in Christ,  judged  the  Catholic  nations of the

                       west (Rome)  through  barbarian  invasions, and  the east   (Con-

                       stantinople)  by  the  Saracens  and  the  Turks.   The period end-

                       ed, as prophesied,  in  AD1453, when the  Ottoman  Turks   took

                       control  of  Constantinople.  It    is   now  called Istanbul. During

                       this   long  period, the   prayers of  the  believers  for  deliverance

                       from those who  persecuted  them  were  answered  by the judg-

                       ments  upon  the  "church-state" of  west and east.      The future

                       would bring victory and rejoicing for faithful believers.                         


          4         ch. 10                  The March of the Rainbowed Angel

                                                        The immortalized saints now  prepare to im-

                       plement  the  judgments   of   Almighty  God  upon   an  evil   and

                       heedless world,  whose  apostate and disgusting   behaviour  can

                       no  longer  be tolerated.     As  we suggested above, possibly   50

                       years will  pass  from  "Armageddon"   to    the  establishment of

                       the Kingdom of God. This may be sub-divided thus-


                       10  years for  the destruction  of the Russian/Catholic/European

                       confederacy  (which at this time is attacking Israel) at the battle

                       of "Armageddon", ch.16v14,16, cp Ezekiel 38, 39, & associated

                       judgments - including bringing Israelis in Egypt etc.  back to the

                       land...refer to 'Eureka' for details. After this another 10 year             

                       period  follows,  incorporating   an  ultimatum  to  the  world to

                       submit to  the  new  Divine  rulership of Christ and His saints or

                       perish.    The  ultimatum  is  rejected  by many, notably Catholic

                       Europe.    The judgments of God are poured out upon all rebels.

                       The number '4' represents Divine authority and judgment - cp

                       the judgment of "Jezebel" in the 4th message to Thyatira. 


                       All  resistance  is  crushed - ch.11v15. The "stone..cut out of the

                       mountain  without  hands then  fill(s)  the whole earth"- Daniel

                       2v24,35,44,45 cp Matt. 21v44,45. The "stone" is  Jesus Christ,

                       born of Mary by the power of God-  link  to  8th Vision-  page 3

                       where we study in more detail the "chief corner stone".


                       Rome's fate is sealed.. & a  further  30 years of judgments then

                       fulfil  the  prophetic "hour" of  judgment- ch.18v10, 17, 19.   See

                       the following(5th)Vision. Judgments upon all rejecting Christ                                                                    

                       total 40 years- ch.14v20;Isa.11v10-16;Ezek.20v33-44;Mic.7v15. 

                       50 years thus elapse from "Armageddon" to the Kingdom Age..

                       link to 'the time of the end'..   "seven thunders"      come upon the

                       (symbolic) "sea" and "earth"-  i.e. a series of campaigns to es-

                       tablish  Divine  rule  throughout  the  world,  beginning  in  the

                       Middle East.These humble Israel's enemies &  nominal friends.


                       This may follow  the pattern  of David,  who took Zion, brought

                       back the ark,  received  the  promise  of the Kingdom, and then

                       expanded  his  power in seven campaigns- cp 2nd Samuel 5 –10.

                       John,  who will participate in this great work, finds the visions

                       of  God's  judgments "sweet as honey"  because of  their  right-

                       eousness and justice. However, there is also an associated bitt-

                       erness when  the  implications are  fully assimilated– v8-10.  It

                       will be useful to link to 2nd Timothy 2 for further exposition.


                       The  experience  of    John   and  the associated  'bitter(ness)'  is

                       accentuated by  the information given in  the  next  3  chapters

                       (11-13)  that  apostacy  would    arise  from   within  the nominal

                       believers, as Jesus and Paul had prophesied-     Matthew 24v8-

                       13; Acts 20v26-32.   This  apostacy would become  a     "church-

                       state"  and persecute those  remaining faithful to their calling.


                       The "bitter(ness)" previously  experienced     by  the  redeemed

                       is incorporated qualitively  &  quantitively into  the judgments

                       which they  administer upon  an evil world-    cp Deuteronomy

                       32v24; 2nd Samuel 17v8   ("chafed in their minds"- mg. Heb.=

                       "bitter of soul").     The measure of iniquity becomes the mea-

                       sure of judgment-  ch.18v1-8, 24.    When this is accomplished,

                       the redeemed justly rejoice-ch.18v20; 19v1-6.  See also below.

                       Those who may now be "in distress" & "bitter of soul", such

                       as David & his friends in the cave Adullam, 1st Samuel 22v2

                       & the flight from Absalom & Athithophel, 2nd Samuel 17v8 -

                       will rejoice with Jesus Christ in the day of Zion's redemption.


                       Historical ch.11 to 13:           the period covered is AD312-1870.

                       The  number  4  in  Scripture  represents  Divine  authority and

                       organization.    It  is  therefore   appropriate* that  the chapters

                       following  (11-13)  trace  the  iniquitous history  of the Catholic

                       power which would become  the  head  of  false institutionalized

                       religion in the earth during  the  dark  ages  shown above. Link

                       to   'Bible'-  'satan' -  'apocalypse' - 'departure'   re  the  growth

                       of  this  iniquitous  system as foretold in the Scriptures.  During

                       this period those remaining faithful,    "the remnant of her seed,

                       (i.e.  "the seed of the woman",   link to 'promises')  which keep

                       the commandments of God,   and  have  the  testimony of Jesus

                       Christ"# found it necessary to "fly into the wilderness,   into her

                       place, where she is nourished.." from the power of the "church-

                       state" apostacy which has at this time assumed political power.

                              *for it demonstrates  the  terrible  result of the rejection

                                of that  Divine  authority..also cp the  4th  Message  to

                                the ecclesias ch.2v18-29 where this is also highlighted-

                                note the reward for  those  submitting   to God in Christ

                                v26-28..they will implement Divine rule over the earth.

                                                        ..link also to 'messages'

                              #cp ch.1v9;3v14;19v10 etc. and link to 'apocalypse'.


                       The true seed & other dissenters  were  assisted  by libertarians

                       ("the earth")during the dark ages of persecution-ch.12v6,14-17.

                       However,  the apostacy was still  allowed to generally persecute

                       and destroy many  who  sealed  their  faith with their blood. It is

                       a  pleasing thought that  these  will  no  doubt take a leading and

                       honourable  part  in  unleashing   the  judgments  of  God against

                       the dismembered corpse of Rome-cp ch.18 and 19.

                       Future  redemption will  bring  lasting  "sweet(ness)" to the re-

                       deemed  as  they    administer  the  "bitter" judgments  upon  the

                       apostacy and  all  the enemies of God in the  day  of  retribution.                                            

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