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  Error does not become Truth


  because it is widely accepted.


  Truth does not become Error


    even when it stands alone.



                     A teaching is not


         necessarily Truth


 because the majority believe it.


          A teaching is not


          necessarily Truth


  because only a few believe it.



  Error is always Error, whether


  believed by many or by few.


  Truth is always Truth, whether


   believed by few or by many.



    The path to Truth must be


     through Error discarded.


 The path to Truth can never be


      through Error retained.



     The path to Error will be


      through Truth discarded.


  The path to Error can never be


      through Truth retained.



       Today we can choose


     the future we shall have.


  Tomorrow we cannot choose


  the present which will be ours.


 SELAH (Pause and Consider)


   "Abhor that which is evil;

 cleave to that which is good"

            - Romans 12v9.

   "Redeeming the time,

 because the days are evil"

            - Ephesians 5v16.


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