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Anti-EU parties celebrate & fulfil prophecy with stunning gains in latest elections

The latest EU elections have seen stunning gains for parties with anti-integrationist policies.

In particular UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) has topped the British poll, & this

has sent shivers through the two mainstream parties, Conservative and Labour, which still

favour EU membership.The Liberal Democrats, running a strongly pro-European campaign,

were almost wiped out. This is a lesson which the main parties will ignore at their peril.


As stated below,it is Biblical prophecy that Great Britain must leave the EU prior to the time

of "Armageddon".     The mission Divinely marked out for her is to resist the attack of the Russian-Catholic-European alliance against Israel. See article below for more background.

Britain changes course with new coalition Government

Great Britain has had a change of government, and a centre-right coalition of Conservatives

and Liberal Democrats has taken power.     Although this unlikely union may be unstable,   the

direction of foreign policy will undoubtedly further the prophetic program.     Not least will be

a more favourable attitude towards Israel  -       and a more questioning stance vis-à-vis Europe.

The British currency gives her a much stronger foundation than a weaker euro can provide,

and after many years of waiting, the prophesied day of the "Euro-Skeptics" has come.


Great Britain is coming under increasing pressure on many fronts throughout the world.   

She was stretched beyond her limits in Afghanistan etc.     Relations with Russia have recently

deteriorated.   Her European partners have moved to  implement  a  more cohesive foreign

policy which may not always coincide with that of London. We are now near the time when

Protestant Britain will leave the mainly Catholic European Community.  And she will fulfil her

role of opposing  the  Russian-Catholic  led  invasion  of  Israel,     in conjunction with the USA,

Commonwealth and maritime powers.   But only Christ's return will eliminate the invaders.


Weakness of re-elected US President plays into the hands of the Kremlin

The weak position of re-elected US president Barack Obama will be welcomed in Moscow.

A very narrow margin and a rift in the US Congress both guarantee the continuation of a divided USA superpower, i.e. the formula desired by Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Many Americans are outraged by the lack of defence at the US consulate in Benghazi, in spite of prior warnings re lack of security.  An 11 September 2012 terrorist attack resulted in four tragic murders, including that of the ambassador to Libya.  The "explanations"* of this ghastly event by the White House have been met with disbelief.  Meanwhile, Libya is lawless, & will form part of the confederacy led by Russia which will soon attack Israel.

*30 April 2014 - new evidence has emerged which appears to show a deliberate attempt by the US administration to protect its claim that "Al Qaeda has been defeated" with the death of Osama bin Laden, trumpeted at the time as a great US triumph. This attempt involved the fabrication of a spontaneous attack in response to a video mocking Mahomet.

Of course this totally ignored the evidence of repeated threats in Libya,  and the well-armed, well-planned and well-executed 11 September attack. This attack was facilitated by the withdrawal of support for the facility in the months leading up to the tragedy, & the question arises whether this in itself was an attempt to promote a false impression.

And perhaps it was felt advisable to turn attention away from jihadists, because they may have received weapons which were used to depose Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, & the chilling possibility exists that these same weapons were used to kill four Americans.

However the most ghastly aspect of the tragedy was a lack of leadership on the date of the attack, when military reinforcements were reportedly sidelined instead of being sent to the embassy. Any independent observer will ask if this may have been an attempt to downgrade the crisis.


Barack Obama previously told the Russians that after the election he would have "more flexibility" in his future foreign policy.    They have already watched with delight his weak response to attacks overseas, and his down-grading of the US military.   With sixteen trillion* dollars in debt, Uncle Sam is the poor man of the world, which answers to what the Bible outlines concerning this time in world history, just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. 

*5 May 2014 now eighteen trillion

As suggested elsewhere, it may be that "Armageddon" will take place in 2027.   If so, at this time,  a new US president, more friendly to Israel,  will ineffectually oppose a Russian-led attack by Catholic European nations upon Israel. But God's Son will return to save the nation from all those who dare to defile God's holy land and who try to destroy His people.

                 "Then shall the LORD fight against those nations"  


'In God we trust' but not with "same-sex marriage"

The United States Supreme Court   has invalidated a Federal Law which discriminated between heterosexual and "same-sex" marriage relative to Federal benefits due to   the parties involved in States which allow such unions. It is the latest in a downhill slide which further demonstrates the total moral bankruptcy of a nation which claims to trust in God. For the scriptural definition of marriage link here.


Once the floodgates opened to recognise this unscriptural behaviour some years ago, it was inevitable that conflicts would appear between   State and Federal jurisdictions and laws.   The authorities concerned will muddle through as usual and work out some legal "solution"* which will however only hasten the slide to total libertarianism in the United States, and will in the process persecute those who still believe in God's moral law. And the corrupt mainstream media will continue to denigrate so-called "anti-gay" morality.

*December 2014 - the national "solution" is now becoming clear, as the US Supreme Court strikes down, one by one, all State laws against this evil, defining them as "unconstitutional".

         But mere fallible men should not try to redefine that which God has ordained.


'In God we trust' was adopted as the official motto of the USA in 1956, & it appeared on paper currency in the following year. It had appeared much earlier on US coins. The motto is no longer relevant to a nation which has progressively turned its back on God.


In a 1952 ruling, the US Supreme Court held that the nation's  "institutions presuppose a Supreme Being". It is difficult to envision such a declaration being made today. It would certainly upset libertarians and atheists, who object even to the motto appearing on the nation's currency because it "causes offence" to them.


The United States exists today largely because of the ardent desire of early settlers to worship God independently of   the State religions in Great Britain and Europe, which enforced the dictates of men upon others.    Because of the entrance of apostacy (prophesied in Matthew 24v11-14, Acts 20v28-32, 2 Timothy 4v1-4, 1 John 2v15-19, 4v1-6, 2 John 6-11, Jude 17,18)    they did not hold the Truth in its purity, but their approach to the word of God was   far different to the insipid forms of religion which are so common today.                 It is therefore ironic and tragic that this legacy is now being overturned by capitulation,  not to religious dictators,  but to immorality and modern libertarianism. Such a society ("having (only) a form of godliness") was foretold in the very Scriptures which their descendants claim to believe - see 2 Timothy 3v1-5, Titus 1v14-16. The choice we must make is clear - "from such turn away". Consider the stark choice laid before us in 1 Corinthians 6v9-11, Revelation 22v14,15.


It is significant that one man who travelled to the United States after   the founding of the colonies was almost shipwrecked during his journey from Great Britain. He made a vow to God that if he was spared he would not rest until he had found the truth in the Bible. After years of searching, he fulfilled this vow, and by the grace of God was baptized into the Name of Jesus Christ. See more details here.

The time to obey the commands of Christ is now-see prophecies being fulfilled below.

Note: see update 26 June 2015.




Middle-East turmoil engulfs region and heralds the return of Christ

As revolution has swept throughout the Middle-East, people have looked on astonished, and

wondered what it all means.  World "statesmen" have made themselves a laughing-stock as

they make pronunciations which are entirely meaningless and carry no authority.

It is only by studying your Bible that you will be able to comprehend what is happening.


Prophecies contained in the word of God make it clear that when the Russian-Catholic-Eur-

opean confederacy attacks Israel,  other nations will, prior to Christ's intervention, also feel

the wrath of this unholy alliance. These include Turkey and Egypt.    It is also clear that there

are certain nations which will be allied against the invasion,     & some of these are spoken of

as harbouring the Israelites who are forced to flee for survival.      These are the modern-day

Jordan and Saudi Arabia,which with Egypt, Gulf States, Gt. Britain, USA,&Commonwealth

powers, will ineffectually oppose the invasion.    And although"democracy"  may now become

more prevalent in some countries,    the enemies of Israel will continue in their autocratic and

evil course until the judgments of God are fulfilled after the return of Jesus Christ.



United States cancels leaders' summit and Russia will not forget

The honeymoon between the United States and Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union is well and truly over.     This trend has now been confirmed by the precipitate cancelling of the scheduled leaders' summit by the US. Relations have been souring over human rights, the arms reduction treaty, and the Syrian civil war.      And now that Russia has granted the so-called "whistleblower" or "traitor"  Edward Snowden  political asylum (albeit temporary), this has acted as "the final straw" in a long list of provocations. And Snowden's exposé has served the long-term plan of the Russian leader. This is to split the USA from her European allies, and to open the way for Russian hegemony.


It seems a long time ago when the world had high hopes of  a permanent thaw in   East-West relations, and Mikhail Gorbachev & Ronald Reagan ushered in   (as they fondly thought) a new era of cooperation.    But as Bible students are well aware, this would be completely contrary to the declared purpose of God - link to 'the time of the end'.


The US regards  Vladimir Putin,  the Russian president,  an ex-KGB operative,     as too steeped in Soviet-era politics and too inflexible to adapt to current day imperatives. In fact he has been described this week as having "a cold-war mentality".

There is no doubt that he is a leader specially chosen  (cp Pharaoh - see Exodus 9v16), and he may well be the one addressed in Ezekiel 38v2RV - the "prince" (dictator) of "Rosh" (Russia) who will direct an attack against Israel (see news items on this page).

14 September 2013 - Geneva - agreement to destroy Syrian chemical weapons

Some "bonhomie" has been temporarily restored after an agreement  between Russia and the United States over Syrian chemical weapons. This bribe allows the brutal regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to continue using conventional weapons against his enemies with impunity. The agreement plays into his hands as      "a licence to kill".


Chemical weapons have killed and maimed thousands in Syria. But conventional arms must also be named as "weapons of mass destruction",  having killed or maimed over one hundred thousand Syrians. A high-ranking Syrian official called the US-Russian agreement "a victory for President Bashar al-Assad's regime" and why wouldn't he?


Vladimir Putin has again strutted the world stage and has made the US look impotent.

This Russian dictator enjoys "flexing his muscles"  both physically & politically.

The latest episode is another warning that he will plot and scheme to achieve his aims.

A Russian "czar" will oppose Christ at "Armageddon" & it may be Vladimir Putin.



Russia accepts Egypt as vassal-state preparatory to full take-over

Russian president Vladimir Putin has endorsed the imminent presidency of Egyptian Army Commander-in-Chief General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.  The two countries have cemented a new economic and military co-operation. This will largely if not totally replace the previous US-Egyptian arrangements, which have been downgraded since the deposition and imprisonment of previous Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.


These developments are of great interest to Bible students. In a previous article (below) we have written of Bible prophecy which demands that Russia will invade and take control of Egypt at the time of "Armageddon".


"Military cooperation between Russia & Egypt should have a practical and firm legal base. This is conditioned by common challenges and threats for our countries"   Russian Defence

Minister Shergei Shoigu said after the meeting in Moscow     where the new agreement was

finalized. Joint military exercises & Russian training of Egyptian officers were also flagged.

Historical ties under then Egyptian President Abdel Nasser and the USSR pointed to these

current developments and the final act of Russian domination.

"A Nation Divided" reports fulfil civil war prophecy concerning Egypt

In words  which accurately predict  recent news reports  from Egypt  concerning war between pro and anti deposed president Mohamed Morsi forces in 2013,  the prophet Isaiah spoke these words in his 19th chapter over 2700 years ago by the spirit of God:

"And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians:  and they shall fight every one against his brother, and everyone against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom".


However we are interested in two other events predicted to follow the above   prophecy:

The first concerns the river Nile,   from which Ethiopia (up-stream from Egypt) is diverting water (in the Blue Nile, a major tributary) in order to build a dam. Isaiah foretold that "they shall turn the rivers far away…and the river shall be wasted and dried up". We do not yet know how this situation will develop, but severe distress in line with these words can be expected.  Also concerning our days Isaiah wrote of a 2nd event (endorsed in the prophecy of Daniel) - "And the Egyptians will I give over into the hand of a cruel lord; and a fierce king shall rule over them".  This refers to the Russian-Catholic-European alliance, controlled politically by a Russian dictator,      of whom we have written in other news items on this page. Ethiopia will be part of this alliance.   But Egypt will be delivered, for "the LORD..shall come into Egypt", and (Daniel 11v45)    "he (the dictator) shall come to his end, and none shall help him".


Critics may object that we can find  some fulfilment of   the above prophecies in history, and we do not disagree.   But this is similar to the line of "desolators" which would come upon the Holy Land - link to Bible - p.2.  The complete prophecy of Isaiah will not be fulfilled  until after "Armageddon",  when the judgments written will   have been fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God has been established. Then God will pronounce these words: "Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance".  Until then, as prophesied, Egypt will continue in turmoil.


Present and future suffering  for this nation will only cease  when the advent of Jesus Christ brings blessedness and joy to the whole earth.




Turkey upsets Russia and will eventually pay the price

Turkey has intercepted a Syrian passenger plane flying from Moscow to Damascus,  & has

forced it to land in Ankara. According to reports just received,  a search of the plane resulted in the seizure of "a cargo of military weaponry", but Russian sources have denied this.

The Kremlin has issued a stern rebuke, and has demanded a full explanation.

Turkey is opposing the brutal crackdown of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad upon his own people, which has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands since the uprising began.


Bible students know that this incident is only the beginning of a rift between Ankara and Moscow. The ultimate fall-out will precede "Armageddon", when a combined Russian-Catholic-European confederacy invades the Middle East.  Turkey will lose her independence prior to the final drama soon to unfold - link to 'the time of the end'.




Vladimir Putin uses "managed democracy" to return as Russian president

The return of     Vladimir Putin as president in  the March 2012 elections    has raised protests in his country, and for good reason. By the use of "managed democracy" (control from the top) this ex-KGB officer has ensured that he will formalise his dictatorial position at the Kremlin.

Though he shed tears of joy, his reign will probably be short-lived.  He is likely to triumph over all mortal adversaries. But if he is the Russian leader predicted to oppose Christ, his end is sure. We have written previously about such a scenario - see below:

Kremlin watchers fascinated by recent events

Kremlin watchers have been fascinated by recent events in Russia. Although Vladimir Putin has resigned as president in March 2008, his replacement, Dmitry Medvedev,     is obviously only there by direction from the ex-president.  As prime minister,      Mr. Putin still wields immense power, and is obviously in charge of all foreign policy.      His bellicose utterances have chilled relations with Western powers & alarmed them.              The march to dictatorship continues.

It is possible that Mr.Putin may return as president in 2012, as he can do by the Russian constitution. It may be that in another future term he will be  the Russian dictator spoken of in

Ezekiel 38v2RV who is destined to oppose Christ - link to 'the time of the end'.

24 September 11 - Vladimir Putin has been nominated by 'United Russia' for the presidency .

Because the ex-president exercises effective control of the country, he has no real opposition.

He has manipulated the term of the presidency to run for six plus six years from March 2012.

4 December 11 - The Russian State Duma elections have resulted in a reduced victory for the

'United Russia' party as Russians awake to the gravity of their position. This "reality check"

for Putin is already resulting in increased repression administered by his security apparatus.



Europe faces economic melt-down as Russia looks on and waits

The European Union has come  a long way since the heady days        when it was inaugurated in

1957 as the Treaty of Rome.  But the expansion,  and profligate use of its resources by some

member-states, has resulted in an economic outlook which can only be described as    disastrous. The choices facing this odd mixture of 28 diverse countries are limited, and the euro, which is the currency used by most of them plus some outside the Union, is in big trouble. In fact one commentator stated that "the euro" was facing a "slow death" & a "collapse". These difficulties are resulting in renewed efforts to forge a closer political and economic union between the member-states...headed by Germany, as "Europe's banker".


However whatever happens with the euro,        it has served its purpose of binding the Catholic

nations of Western Europe together. It is the financial equivalent of the spiritual currency of

Rome - link to 'departure' p. 1 & 2,    by which "mark" she will for a time once more enforce

her will (supported by Russian military power) until she is destroyed - Revelation 13,18,19.


The "power-house" economies have been dragged down by the "pedestrians".  Debts run up by the imprudent have now caused the current series of crises, with bail-outs and severe cut-backs.          The attendant economic pain with loss of jobs has caused   massive unrest within the communities which have been affected.    While all of this is happening, the northern colossus watches and waits.   Bible prophecies demand that weakness in many countries will result in the greatest of all political take-overs.  Combined with Rome, which will provide the apostate religious bonding of the alliance,    Russia will head a combined Europe antagonistic to Israel.

The subsequent invasion of the holy land will result in "Armageddon".

9 December 11 - Great Britain has split with  her European partners  over the latest plan to rescue the eurozone. She will now be excluded from a new treaty being promoted by France and Germany. This is an important milestone leading to Great Britain leaving the EU.

                                 HAPPY ARE WE IF WE PUT OUR TRUST IN THE LORD 


Europe moves closer to her final crisis at "Armageddon"

The European Union has now become  a  self-governing  entity, complete  with  its  own  dip- lomats, including president and minister for foreign affairs.              At the same time as these

fascinating developments we see a parallel in the European ecclesiastical sphere.

The new Patriarch of Moscow has very close ties with the Kremlin, and is actively promoting

a rapprochement with Rome.       Russian president Dmitry Medvedev announced after a

recent meeting in Rome that Russia and the Vatican would soon re-establish full    diplomatic

relations. A Russian-Catholic-European confederacy (without Great Britain)   will in the near

future invade the land of Israel - link to 'the time of the end'.

Note: Vladimir Putin has now re-asserted control as Russian president - see above.



Russia re-asserts authority over previous vassal states

The Kremlin has recently re-asserted its authority over previous vassal states This has been

done by both economic and military pressures.         Oil & gas have been used as an economic

weapon. And the festering conflict with Georgia recently turned ugly,   with Russian forces in-

vading Georgian territory,   having  the stated aim of protecting  Russian  nationals     in two re-

bellious provinces.The impotence of western powers has been shown for all the world to see.

'Business Week'     has highlighted   the new threat to Western energy supplies  via Georgia.

This is but a precursor of the time when all of Europe will come under the sway of Russia.   At

this time(soon to come)there will be    a Russian-Catholic alliance   which shall mount an attack

on Israel.     For details on these prophecies, link to 'the time of the end'.



Temple find a reminder of future "House of Prayer"

A recent discovery by an Israeli archaeological team is a reminder of          past & future glory  in the Holy Land. The report from Israeli Government Media reads:             "In an excavation being carried out by the Israeli Antiquities Authority in    partnership     with         the Western Wall Heri-tage Foundation in the northwestern part of the Western Wall plaza,   a rich layer of finds from the First Temple period (8th-6th centuries BCE) was recently discovered". Re the future Temple, link to 'promises' - page 3...'the Lord's day' - page 2...'jubilee'.


Vultures gather to condemn Israel as the nation defends her liberty

The nations are rapidly taking their prophesied places as the enemies of Israel.

This became apparent when hysterical anti-Jewish outbursts, fuelled by hatred,   obscured the

facts concerning the mis-named "Freedom Flotilla" which was boarded by Israeli forces off

the Gaza coast. Jihadist activists on one ship attacked the Israelis with lethal weapons with-

out provocation.The resultant conflict, in which some were killed, achieved the main jihadist

aim, which was not to deliver supplies to Gaza,  but was to make Israel into an international

pariah.       The hatred shown against Israel was only rivalled by the weak-kneed response of

her so-called "friends", who once again are pushing their own agendas.


The second salvo in the same week was fired at the UN.  A motion was passed which was su-

pposed to enforce a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East.  Israel was mentioned, but not Iran.

The present schemings of the nations are of no consequence.           They will be forced, in the

very near future,   to take their Divinely-ordained places as prophesied,    and as summarized

in the following news items, at the time of "Armageddon" - link to 'the time of the end'.



Pakistan and Afghanistan descend into political and terrorist chaos 

The recent escalation of violence in Pakistan & Afghanistan         demonstrates the incapacity of

Western nations to stem the chaos.Extremist jihadists    have taken advantage of corruption &

the perennial tribal structure in both countries.  The spill-over of violence across the borders

constitutes a further step toward   the absorption of  these  two  countries    into    the    Russian-

Catholic-European confederacy that is predicted to invade Israel.      There can be no peace for

these long-suffering countries or the world until Christ's return,            &  the establishment of the

Kingdom of God. This righteous rule will replace all current regimes throughout the earth.   

10 July 11 -    USA has substantially cut financial aid to Pakistan because of current    difficult relationships since the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.      This will ultimately end in total estrangement between them, & Pakistan's   "absorption..into the Russian-Catholic-European

confederacy" as stated above.  




As Israel remembers her dead, a rabid outburst mars Holocaust Memorial Day

On the eve of Israel's annual observance of      'Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance

Day', the Iranian president, Mahmud Ahmedinejad,         delivered a tirade against Israel at the

UN Conference against Racism in Geneva.      Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah) is

a timely reminder of a past failed attempt to exterminate the Jewish race.           This was prophe-

sied - link to 'the time of the end'.        Anti-Semitism is once again becoming popular, as shown

also by recent moves towards  indicting Israel  for    "war crimes"   in Gaza - supposedly

"committed" when defending herself against Hamas. "Armageddon" will follow.



United Nations votes embolden the enemies of Israel as we near the end

Two crucial votes at the United Nations  have emboldened  those who  openly state their desire for the elimination of the State of Israel.  Observer status at the UN and membership of UNESCO for "Palestine" have furthered the real desire of Israel's enemies. This cunning plan involves the impeachment of the Jewish State before the ICC sitting in The Hague, for "war crimes" supposedly committed when defending herself against attacks.


The continued persecution of Jewry is no surprise to Bible students,who see the situation of Israel as prophesied in Deuteronomy 28v37,65-67,Ezekiel 37 & 38 etc. But at the time of "Armageddon" (soon to come-see below) a chastened nation will accept the Messiah.




A puff of smoke in Rome reminds us of the great conflagration soon to come

The Roman Catholic cardinals have elected a new leader,  and he inherits  "a poisoned chalice" of heresy and hypocrisy. (An Argentinian born of Italian parents, he is also a Jesuit, which order was prominent in the counter-reformation and the inquisitions).

The time appointed for the continuance of the world-wide  Roman Catholic departure from the Truth has almost run its course, as prophesied in the Bible. This is of great comfort to God's people, whose earnest desire is for  the day  when the abominable "mystery of iniquity" & the city which gave it birth   will be consigned to the abyss. Then "she shall be utterly burned with fire" & all will behold "the smoke of her burning" - Revelation 18. To read God's predictions concerning Rome link as follows:

'Bible' - p.2…'departure' - p.1 & 2…'foundation' - p.1...'the Lord's day' - p.2

                                     "COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE,

                             THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS"


Climate change, global warming & disruptive weather herald further catastrophes

The recent frightening acceleration in disruptive global weather patterns continues. The cha-

otic events have frightened and perplexed people throughout the world.                     Tsunamis, floods,

droughts,heat-waves,extreme winters,violent storms,fires & earthquakes ravage the earth.     

Disasters are made more tragic    by the intransigence of  some   governments            in      distributing

relief supplies.  Political survival has been given precedence over human misery.      It is evident

that the world needs the strong infallible rulership that can only occur with           the imminent re-

turn of Jesus Christ.  Then the real needs of all peoples will be met in abundance (Psalm 72).




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